Hello 2016 – Shimelle’s Weekly Challenge #1: Scrapbook a Selfie

Hello 2016 - dapfniedesign - Scrapbook a Selfie - Shimelle's Weekly Challenge #1 - title

Hello my fellow scrapbookers and crafters! Thank you for stopping by!
I am back to the “normal” size of 12×12 layouts and really loving it! It took me a while going back to crafting though. But last week, Shimelle posted a challenge on her blog to scrapbook a selfie. What a great “excuse” to sit down and actually cut into paper again. I even used her latest paper collection “Starshine” by American Crafts (after having it at home for the last two weeks without using it).

I really like the bold colours you get with the new papers. I love the dark blue, the pinkish red and the springlike green – and all theses mixed with some turquoise, yellow and orange.

My selfie photo itself is not really colourful; I took it on Boscombe Pier while on an early morning walk on New Year’s Day. The weather was bleak and not particularly welcoming for a new year. At least my bobble hat showed some colour – a perfect match for the colour in Shimelle’s collection.Hello 2016 - dapfniedesign - Scrapbook a Selfie - Shimelle's Weekly Challenge #1 - close up 1

Instead of creating an obvious visual triangle, I decided to go with a main diagonal flow. It contains not only stickers from the collection, but also some paper strips, a chipboard frame and three little cameras from the sheet “Pathfinder”. As I did not buy the stamp set (I wish I had now!), I chose a small camera I found in my stamp stash (by Studio Calico) and stamped it in a matching turquoise along the diagonal line. I also found some star stamps and embellishments to complete the layout. And as I was adding the stamped stars, I ended up adding even more stars from wood veneer, enamel dots and chipboard.Hello 2016 - dapfniedesign - Scrapbook a Selfie - Shimelle's Weekly Challenge #1 - close up 3

I finished this layout last night, just in time! As it is Monday today, there is a new challenge up on Shimelle’s blog and this time she asks us to add some hearts on a layout. I’m definitely up for this challenge – are you?!


Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 22nd to 31st December 2015 & 1st January 2016

JYC 2015 - dapfniedesign - banner

Welcome to my second post in one weekend! Here I am sharing the rest of my pages from my Journal Your Christmas adventure 2015. Enjoy!

22nd December 2015 – Secret Santa (Warming the Heart) & 23rd December 2015 – Early Bescherung (By the Chimney)

For these two entries I documented events which were happening before Christmas: Secret Santa at school on our last day and an early presents opening on the 23rd of December with Mr Evans.

22nd & 23rd Dec - JYC 2015 - Secret Santa & Early Bescherung - dapfniedesign

24th December 2015 – On the Move (Christmas Eve)

On Christmas Eve I was on my way to Germany – more or less the whole day. I just noted down my journey from this day from getting up at 3.30am and going to bed at 11pm.

24th Dec - JYC 2015 - On the Move - dapfniedesign

25th December 2015 – Christmas Day

Christmas Day with opening presents, dinner at the restaurant, coffee and cake in the afternoon, playing games with my brother’s family!25th Dec - JYC 2015 - Christmas Day - dapfniedesign - full

26th December 2015 – Home for the Holidays (Boxing Day) & 27th December 2015 – Best Friends (Saying Thanks)

On Boxing Day we really had to stay home – there was no where we really could have gone! The shops were still closed (and would be until Monday) and the weather was bleak. But we ended up playing more games in the evenings. On Sunday evening I went for a Girls’ Night in with Katja and Laura!
26th & 27th Dec - JYC 2015 - Home for the Holidays & Girls' Night In - dapfniedesign

28th December 2015 – The Joy of Shopping (Just for now)

28th Dec - JYC 2015 - The Joy of Shopping - dapfniedesign28th Dec - JYC 2015 - The Joy of Shopping - labels - dapfniedesignThe first day after the holidays (we had to wait until Monday) is always the day I go shopping with my Mum. We found some nice clothes and I added some labels in my journal. In the evening I joined my brother’s house for a yummy Raclette evening with friends.


28th Dec - JYC 2015 - Time for Raclette - dapfniedesign


29th December 2015 – Flying Home (Catch Up Day)

My visit at my parents in Germany was really short this time, because on Tuesday I was already on my way back to England. The flight was smooth and without any delay. It even included an aerial sightseeing tour of London!

2015-12-29 13.18.392015-12-29 13.19.14

2015-12-29 13.20.23 29th Dec - JYC 2015 - Flying Home - dapfniedesign

30th December 2015 – Our 2015 (Year in Review)

30th Dec - JYC 2015 - Our 2015 - dapfniedesign - close up For this year’s review I picked one photo for every month. It was a good year I think!

30th Dec - JYC 2015 - Our 2015 - dapfniedesign - full

31st December 2015 – We End our Year (New Year’s Eve)

A walk along the beach was a really good option for our New Year’s Eve day activity. Mr Evans had a gig so we wouldn’t spend the night together.

31st Dec - JYC 2015 - We End Our Year - dapfniedesign - full

1st January 2016 – 2016 (A New Year)

I welcomed the New Year with a walk along Boscombe Beach in the Morning. The weather wasn’t great and there were even some party-people left on the beach. I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee in our favourite beach cafe (Urban Reef) before I felt really cold to the bone and went back home. In this page there is still some space left for the journaling.

1st Jan - JYC 2015 - Welcome 2016 - dapfniedesign

Like so many years, my Christmas Journal ends with New Year’s Day. Especially this year it was even more busy than the other years and I had less time.

Also, here are a few notes on how I would like to do my journal in 2016:

  • make a journal without page protectors, so I could add embellishments more easily while flicking through without the hassle of pulling out the pages from their sleeves;
  • gather (=buy/hord in the sales) Christmas themed stickers to add to your journal;
  • use a more scrapbooking friendly size (6×8 or 8×8)
  • keep printing the photos for the Journal immediately

Thank you so much for stopping by and to take a glimpse at my Journal. I am back to my “ordinary” Scrapbooking layouts now. Last week I sorted ALL of my 2015 photos into sleeves in four albums (I probably need some more as soon as I add the pretty paper) and I am ready to get started to make a lot of pretty layouts! All to be found in this space the next weeks and months! Hope to see you soon!



Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 14th to 21st December 2015

JYC 2015 - dapfniedesign - banner

My dear scrappy followers –  time flies by so quickly (I think I’m writing this every time now). It is January 2016 already and I am really late to show you some more of my Journal Your Christmas pages. Of course I am finished with my album although it was quite late this time: 3rd January! Having a full-time job really cuts down your crafty hours!

Anyway, let’s get on with a few pages, before it’s too late!

14th December 2015 – At Christmas all Roads lead Home (Oh the places we go)

14th Dec - JYC 2015 - All Roads Lead Home - dapfniedesign - full14th Dec - JYC 2015 - All Roads Lead Home - dapfniedesign - full with cardLike last year, I was going to spent my Christmas at home with my family. That’s how it should be, right? I also documented the itinerary on a separate card which you can slide out of the side of the page.

15th December 2015 – Deck the Halls

15th Dec - JYC 2015 - Deck The Halls - dapfniedesign - close upThis year I had all my Christmas Cards on display again. I got really excited for the cards I got from some children at school (is that sad to get excited about something like this?).15th Dec - JYC 2015 - Deck The Halls - dapfniedesign


16th December 2015 – Books and Music of Christmas (Arts and Entertainment)

16th Dec - JYC 2015 - Books and Music of Christmas - dapfniedesign - close up For this day’s entry I made a collage of all the books I wanted to read on my Kindle (no physical books this year – there is just so limited space for them in my flat!).

16th Dec - JYC 2015 - Books and Music of Christmas - dapfniedesign

17th December 2015 – On My List (A different kind of List)

17th Dec - JYC 2015 - On My List - dapfniedesign - close up So little time, so much to do! This page features a simple bullet point list with the things still in need of ticking off!

17th Dec - JYC 2015 - On My List - dapfniedesign - full

18th December 2015 – What’s for Dinner? (Dinner is served)

Last year’s Christmas dinner was supposed to be in a restaurant, but we left it too late to organise it. So this year my Dad reserved a table for Christmas Day in October so we wouldn’t be disappointed!

18th Dec - JYC 2015 - What's for Dinner - dapfniedesign - full

19th December 2015 – Stamps 2015 (The Man in Red)

Every year I am including the postal stamps in my journal, even though I wasn’t sending out a card by post at all! It got really expensive in previous years so I had to cut down on it, unfortunately. Still, I like keeping traditions and keeping the stamp set in here is the least I can do.

19th Dec - JYC 2015 - Stamps Collector 2015 - dapfniedesign

20th December 2015 – Someone Special (A Gift for Someone Special) & 21st December 2015 – Reality Check (Snapshots of Reality)

These quick entries feature the main present I got for Mr Evans (a Kindle) and the chaos that still was present in my flat a few days before Christmas (see all those unwrapped presents lying around? All the mess on my crafty table? *sigh*).

20th & 21st Dec - JYC 2015 - Someone Special & Reality Check - dapfniedesign

That’s it for today’s sharing – the rest of the pages will follow soon. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my journal, thank you so much for stopping by! x


Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 7th to 13th December 2015

JYC 2015 - dapfniedesign - banner

It is the third Advent already – I had to look at my calendar for this. How’s your December going so far? I am up to date with my journal, so here we go with the third week:

7th December 2015 – Festive Perception (Sensory Overload)

For this entry I wrote all the things down, I could sense on this very day.

7th Dec - JYC 2015 - Festive Perception - dapfniedesign

8th December 2015 – Bring on the Trees (Oh Christmas Tree)

It was a real coincidence that I decorated my tree on the same day as Mr Evans put it up! We decorated his together and had a lovely stew together.8th Dec - JYC 2015 - Bring on the Trees - dapfniedesign 8th Dec - JYC 2015 - Christmas Tree - dapfniedesign

9th December 2015 – Special Delivery (Special Treats)

Every year I take home some Christmas Crackers (you know, the one which you pull apart). They don’t exist in German traditions so it is nice to bring something new to my family.

9th Dec - JYC 2015 - Special Delivery - dapfniedesign


10th December 2015 – Listomania (Making a List)

I have a wish list on Amazon – this is so helpful when someone asks me what I would like for Christmas. Either I can refer directly to the list or pick an item I really want as a wish.

I also put down a Christmas Card I received from a child from school. I was so excited because it was especially for the Teaching Assistant!
10th Dec - JYC 2015 - Lostomania - dapfniedesign

11th December 2015 – Wrapping Paper (Wrap it Up)

As Shimelle said: This is a very quick entry because you really just pick your paper you are going to use for this year’s presents and stick it down!11th Dec - JYC 2015 - Wrapping Paper - dapfniedesign

12th December 2015 – Costa Coffee Cups Love (Merry Mentors)

Today I parted with the prompt Shimelle suggested – I always find it tricky to think about a Merry Mentor! Instead I posted photos of the Costa Coffee paper cups from this year’s collection! This year it is a Penguin, a Robin and a Santa.12th Dec - JYC 2015 - Costa Coffee Cups Love - dapfniedesign

13th December 2015 – Imagine Snow in December (White Christmas)

Living in the South of England, the possibility of having snow for Christmas (or even just in December) is really low! I took a photo from our morning dog walk around Throop Mill. It was miserable, just about 11C. Later, I found today’s map of the temperature differences between North and South: a range of 17C! Wow, that’s like two different seasons!

Because I am flying home to Germany for Christmas, I might be lucky and get some snow on the continent (like last year!).

13th Dec - JYC 2015 - Imagine Snow in December - dapfniedesign

And that’s it for this week’s entries! Half of December is nearly over, just 11 days until Christmas Day! It will be mainly Christmas activities this week at school, I am so looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!


Happy Scrappy Friends – December 2015 – Year of Change

signatur HSF

Happy December my fellow scrappers! This is the last challenge for 2015 from us, the Happy Scrappy Friends. December is in full swing and we are reviewing our year 2015.

You should have come from Dana, otherwise you can start here. Your next stop is with Dori. If you want to take part and share your project, please post a comment at Happy Scrappy Friends.

Happy December meine lieben Scrapbook Freunde! Es ist der letzte Monat im Jahr und somit die letzte Challenge fuer 2015. Dieses Mal ist das Thema “Mein Jahr 2015”, sozusagen ein Jahresrueckblick.

Du solltest deinen Weg von Dana hier her gefunden haben, ansonsten starte am besten von hier. Dein naechster Stopp ist bei Dori. Wir freuen uns auf deine Umsetzung, bitte verlinke dein Projekt in einem Kommentar auf dem Happy Scrappy Friends Blog.

HSF December 2015 - dapfniedesign - Year Of Change title

As it is December, my December Journal is in full swing and, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, scrapping in a smaller format takes me some time to adjust and vice versa! But luckily my albums don’t contain just the big format and as I found it really tricky to scrap a “normal” 12×12″ page, I picked a divided page protector this time!

Mein December Journal ist im Decemember immer in vollem Gange und ich finde es manchesmal recht schwierig, das Format zu wechseln. Das Journal besteht hauptsaechlich aus 4×6 und 6×8 cards. Mal so schnell zu 12×12 wechseln konnte ich nicht, also bin ich bei einem divided page protector haengen geblieben (welche ich von Zeit zu Zeit immer mal in meinem Album habe).

HSF December 2015 - dapfniedesign - Year Of Change

The collection “I Am” by Simple Stories was waiting in my box for a while already, and for this topic it seemed perfect. I used mainly the darker journaling cards to stick on the full polka dot background, which helps to bring everything together as a whole page.

Die Papier Collection “I Am” von Simple Stories habe ich schon laenger in meiner Box, aber noch nicht so oft verwendet. Die Woerter und Phrasen schienen mir perfect fuer dieses Thema, also habe ich es ausgekramt. Fuer den Hintergrund habe ich ein 12×12 zerschnitten und hauptsaechlich die dunklen Muster und Journaling Cards verwendet um einen guten Kontrast zu erzeugen.

Each card has embellishment added. I used Glossy Accents, Wood Veneer, various stickers from the collection and different alphas and some thickers. The layout follows much more a geometrical pattern with clear lines and sections as usual, which I really like for a change. The “big” layouts on a whole sheet will be back in January.

Jede einzelne Karte ist von veraendert worden, ich habe benutzt: Glossy Accents, Wood Veneer, Sticker von der Collection und verschiedene Alphas und sogar Thickers. Das gesamte Layout ist recht geometrisch mit klaren Linien. Ich mag es sehr und es spiegelt mein aktuelles Leben mit all seinen Facetten wieder.
HSF December 2015 - dapfniedesign - Year Of Change close up 2

The bullet journaling seemed appropriate as I used some strips to journal on (I haven’t done this in a while and it was long overdue!).

Das Journaling wollte ich nicht auf dem pink farbenen Papier verschwinden lassen, also habe ich es auf Papierstreifen geschrieben und dann aufgeklebt (ich habe das schon laenger nicht mehr gemacht, es war also laengst faellig!).

Nun seid ihr an der Reihe. Wie war euer Jahr 2015?!
Ran ans Papier – auch in diesem Monat gibt es wieder etwas zu gewinnen: Dori sponsort ein Project Life Set von Stampin Up. (Details auf dem Happy Scrappy Friends Blog)!

And just in case you got lost, here is the whole list of this month’s blog hop:

Daphne (You are HERE!)

Wishing you a joyful December and Merry Christmas!