Bluebells & Wild Garlic | I Challenge YOU … with a twin layout


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Happy sunny Friday everyone! The “worst” of the British “heat wave” is hopefully over – it is just too hot for me, especially at the place I am working in. So just one more day today and then it is the weekend! It is looking good so far!

Today’s challenge for you is to create not only one layout but two! But they shouldn’t be a 2-sided (or double) layout (you know, these which fit together perfectly). But still they should have similar features and fit together. I don’t know if there is a name for these kind of layouts, so I made up one: I would call them Twin Layouts (like real twins could be equal – but not really!).Bluebells and Wild Garlic - dapfniedesign - twin layout

For the layouts I chose the purple border to be the same, everything else is just similar. The strips of paper in the in the Bluebells layout are vertical, the Wild Garlic ones are horizontal. I chose a squirrel wood veneer in one, but punched some paper squirrels in the other. I also added wood grain circles, but again of different patterned paper. You get the idea?!
Bluebells - dapfniedesign - title

The alpha chipboard are different as well, but I kept them in an earthy colour.
Wild Garlic - dapfniedesign - title

As you can see in the picture on the top, these twin pages fit well together next to each other in your scrapbooking album, but also on its own if I wanted to.

I am getting some lovely feedback from fellow crafters on my other Friday challenges and that makes me smile a lot! Thank you for joining in with the fun! So this week, I am really intrigued for your version of Twin Layouts – please share your link to your project in a comment and I’ll hop over to see what you have created!

Have a lovely weekend Ladies, see you on Monday!

Helleborus Orientalis | My Take On… 6×6 Paper Pads | “Here is Happy” – Record it! by My Mind’s Eye

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Happy hot Wednesday everyone! How are you holding up in UK’s “heatwave”? I must say, it is not my cup of tea with the hot weather; warm weather is fine, yes, but as soon it gets over a certain degree, I’m useless! It is good then, that I am in the UK and not in Germany at the moment, because it is/has been REALLY hot there with high levels of soaring temperatures.Helleborus - dapfniedesign - title

In contrast, the temperatures weren’t soaring at all, when I remember the day I took the photos of the helleborus orientalis at Kingston Lacy. It was in February and probably around 10C. At least the sun was shining, so I was able to capture the glowing colours.
Helleborus - dapfniedesign

Back to the layout itself now: The theme of My Take On today is (again) 6×6 paper pads. I mainly get these smaller versions of patterned paper from TKmaxx – they are about half the price as they normally would be when they are brand new. Although this wasn’t particularly old (it says 2014 on it), I made a great bargain for £2.99 instead of the average of £6.00.
I am using the pad “Here is Happy” – Record it! by My Mind’s Eye.

Using these papers is so much fun and always a challenge! There are endless possibilities how to arrange them – and how many of course. In this layout I chose three different designs to align them (more or less) vertically from top to bottom, overlapping each other. As far as I can remember, I have used 6×6 papers regularly on my layouts – and if you are curious and want to try it yourself, I created a board on Pinterest “6×6 Paper Pad Love” with some layouts of mine and others. On there are not only the “uncut” papers, but also ideas for cutting down this size and using them on your layouts. If you think, I missed out on fantastic layouts and you would like to suggest pins for this board, I am happy to add you as a contributor – after all we are a great big community, where we can share the things we love, inspire each other and move us forward with new ideas!
Helleborus - dapfniedesign - close up 1

Helleborus - dapfniedesign - close up 2

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Happy pinning everyone and stay cool today!

On a Boat Trip | Weekend Adventure | Shimelle’s “True Stories” by American Crafts

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Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope your weekend was filled with happy moments, happy people and happy weather!  Over here, on the Dorset coast, it was one of these days, when you don’t wanna go back inside your flat.

Studland Beach 27062015 19

Shell Bay | Studland Beach | Dorset

I love the sea. I love the beach. And I love strolling along the shoreline, preferably barefoot and with shorts! And as the weather was just right, Mr Evans and I were doing exactly this. Bliss.

Starred Photos

Boat Trip - dapfniedesign - titleNow, today’s layout features the sea as well. Back in April, on Easter Sunday, we spent the day at seaside, but it was way to cold to get our feet wet! So we took a boat trip to get to Hurst Castle – what a great idea that was! It was a small boat we went in on our trip to Hurst Spit with about ten other adventurers. When we came back in the afternoon, we took a bigger boat (which wasn’t a great choice in hindsight). We were crammed inside with the other visitors, not able to see much from what we were shipping along on the outside. We only witnessed some funny scenes on the boat involving some posh families with posh children ;).
Boat Trip - dapfniedesign

The layout is based on the newest scrapbooking online class by Shimelle Laine “Ready Set Scrapbook”. It is a small class with three videos and a matching PDF, and all layouts are based on a real life workshop Shimelle held in Portugal earlier this year.Boat Trip - dapfniedesign - close up

Of course I used Shimelle’s “True Stories” Paper Collection by American Crafts for this layout – it seems just natural to use these fun patterns and colours!

Wishing you all a fabulous week with lots of sunshine and happy people!

Everything goes better with Giggles | I Challenge You with busy Patterned Paper | Workshop by Celine Navarro

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Happy Friday! What a glorious week we had and it is even getting better next week they say! Well, lets see when it really happens.

Today’s challenge for you is/was a challenge for me as well! My friend Marjan suggested a workshop over at Big Picture Classes “5 Ways to use Gesso” by Celine Navarro (find her HERE). The first challenge was to mute a very busy background paper (and normally these papers are really lovely but not so easy to use) with white Gesso and build your layout onto this.

Better with Giggles - dapfniedesign - title

I’m not totally convinced yet with the background (need more practise I think) and I could have gone more round the edges with the Gesso, but it is ok. I stayed very close to Celine’s version and even used some very old rub-ons (they still worked after all those years!).Better with Giggles - dapfniedesign -

I also found a variety of stickers in my stash which I normally wouldn’t have used otherwise. All in all I think a successful page I think!
Better with Giggles - dapfniedesign - close up

And now the challenge is yours: Take a really busy background, mute it with Gesso and build your layout onto it! I am looking forward to your versions!


Beach Huts | My Take On… Bunting | The Girl’s Paperie

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A big hello to my lovely scrapping friends! It is Wednesday which means it is time for another episode of “My Take On…” – it is all about Bunting today!
Beach Huts - dapfniedesign - title

And which subject works best with bunting?! Beach Huts of course! So when Mr Evans and I visited Mudeford Spit back in March and we were walking along all those (ridiculously priced) Beach Huts, I already had the perfect paper in mind with which I was going to scrap the photos I took: “Party Pennants” from the Kitsch Collection by The Girl’s Paperie (link to Margie’s reveal back in 2011). And for everyone who don’t know: This collections is practically non-existent any more and The Girl’s Paperie disappeared a while ago. What a shame…

Beach Huts - dapfniedesign

I lined up the beach huts as I like doing it and used the cut out bunting on the top and bottom of it. I also used some paper scraps to fit the colours of the bunting and cut them as circles. The stickers are from an older sticker sheet by Echo Park Papers. My all-time favourite wood veneers sailing boats needed to be on this kind of page of course (is there a company out there which cuts beach huts from wood veneer?).
Beach Huts - dapfniedesign - close up 2

Bunting on layouts is nothing new – it is quite “old” to be honest, but I still love it and use it now and then.Beach Huts - dapfniedesign - close up 1

Can you remember when you used bunting the last time? Share a link and I will stop by and leave a comment on your blog!

Have a lovely rest of the week, my creative Ladies! x