A day out in the Purbecks | Scrapbooking Layout Triple with Video

Capture the Beauty - title - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

There are times in my life, when I actually got some spare time to do some scrapping. These times are rare (unfortunately) and I’d rather live a life and fill it with memories at the moment. Last weekend Mr Evans and I were busy doing nothing. Bliss. And when I came back home on Sunday morning, I was ready for my pretty paper and all the other nice little joys. I scattered everything around my flat; I am a visual person and I need to see what I own to make use of it, only then it lands on my layouts, otherwise I forget what I have!

Money is tight at the moment, that’s why I love shopping in TK Maxx; I am not after the clothes or decoration bargains – I am after the pretty PAPER of course! TK Maxx regularly gets paper collections from American Crafts (and their acquired brands Pebbles, Crate Paper …) and on one of my visits with Mr Evans I snatched the paper collection “Printshop” by Studio Calico – 12 papers, 12 designs for just £2.99. You. Cannot. Beat. This. Price. Really!
Being not up to date with the latest designs in the scrapbooking industry sometimes HAS its benefits – everything you buy, no matter when it has been published, seems brand new to you!

Anyway – where was I? Yes, the layouts of course! As I was really motivated (and my mojo was present), the prospect of another relaxed afternoon with some scrapping and delighted by the fact I finally could share something with YOU out there again, I set up my camera above my all-round table and just started scrappin’!

This was the first layout – “Capture the Beauty” – with a photo of me, which is quite exceptional! My friend Katja took it while she was visiting in February. We spontaneously drove to the coast and had some time left to visit Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. What a treat! By the way, the title of this page refers to the beauty of the landscape we were taking pictures of!

Capture the Beauty - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

As you can see in the video (at the end of this blogpost), I started off with the photo and thought about a sketch to go with it. Then I flicked through the pretty paper to find the right colours and patterns and after a while everything else came into place.
Capture the Beauty - close up 2 - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SCCapture the Beauty - close up - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

The second layout “Panorama Love” starts with a similar photo format, but landscape this time. Oh what a surprise – it is ME in the picture again!

Panorama Love - title - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

Nearly everybody nowadays knows how to take photos with their mobile phone and how to switch to panorama mode. This is just a great thing to do; although the person’s body’s physical distortions are sometimes quite funny. Katja caught me, standing in front of the great Worbarrow Bay, just in the right moment, before I was going to look really awkward!Panorama Love - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

I always liked the idea of using paper strips on my layouts; a great way to use up scraps anyway. As I wasn’t using up mine this time, I had to cut them first, then layered them into place and finally stuck them down. Even some twine found its way onto the layout – it definitely is a good thing to go “shopping” in your own stash!Panorama Love - close up 2 - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC Panorama Love - close up - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

Although I wanted to do four layouts when I started around midday, I stopped after the third one “Not to Miss Out”, which shows us three (or better: four!) – Mr Evans, Me, Katja and Obi the Dobi! Can you spot the dog in the picture?Not to miss out - title - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

The stone bench on the South West Coast Path, just before you start climbing Tyneham Cap (find it HERE), is an absolute MUST when you visit Tyneham Village and Worbarrow Bay. My opinion. Great evidence photos can be taken there. And – I am really baffled now – I am in the picture AGAIN!Not to Miss Out - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

Although the photo here was in the usual 2×3 ratio, it took the longest to scrap this page (you probably won’t see that in the video as I cut out some steps).

And I am honest; I didn’t plan to write the journaling onto those little chalkboard frames. This was just something what happened and fell into place while doing the layout.
I think I am more relaxed now when something changes. I just take it as it is. Like so many things in life! (Am I getting philosophical again?)Not to miss out - close up - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SCAnd that was the last one for now. Three layouts! Not bad for someone, who hasn’t done scrapbooking pages on a regular basis for nearly eighteen months! And hell, what changes these eighteen months have brought to my life… but I’m still here and slowly returning.

For everyone, who’s still with me and hasn’t had enough of me rattling away – here is the video from my creative process for these three layouts. I hope you brought some time with you! x


Travel Inspiration – my guest post on The Scrappy Mermaid

Isle of Wight - title - dapfniedesign for thescrappymermaidToday is the day! I am on The Scrappy Mermaid blog for a  guest post. Thank you so much for your kind words, Marjan!

Make sure you hop over and have a look – and not only for my project. I thought yesterday’s post by Alexandra was absolutely fab! I love how she used the watercolours on her page. Definitely something I have to try out soon when I got more time on hand.

There are even two more inspirational posts to come – tomorrow it is Nina’s turn and on Sunday, Marjan herself is finishing off the series. Make sure you don’t miss that out!

I also supplied a sketch of my scrapbook page, so if you are being crafty this weekend, make sure you link up on Marjan’s or this post, so we can have a look.


Travel Inspiration – new Creative Ways for your favourite Time of the Year (and how to keep it)


Hello everyone! This is going to be an exciting week; Marjan, also known as The Scrappy Mermaid, is going to take us on a fantastic journey with fresh ideas for recording Travel Memories. It is starting on the 19th of February and the final post will be on the 22nd February.

She invited some of her scrappy friends to join her and share their best ideas with a guest post on her blog – and I am very happy to tell you, that I am in with that lucky bunch!
travel inspirationswoche 2015 (Custom)

So don’t miss out to see Alex’s, Nina’s and of course Marjan’s crafty projects. You cannot wait for it to start?! Ok then, I’ve got some sneaks for you – this really is going to be exciting, I’ll promise!

Can you spot “my” project?!

travel inspirationswoche 20151 (Custom)


Hope to see you soon back here!

Happy New Year 2015!


JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (1)

Happy New Year 2015 to all my family, friends and crafty people out there! This is going to be our year!
How have your festive days been? Mine were busy because I was visiting my parents (and family and friends) in Germany and there is always so little time to catch up with everyone. So I hope no one is too disappointed about me disappearing without contacting them.

Back in the UK since Tuesday evening, it was time to reflect on the passing year 2014 and where it led me – physically, emotionally and creatively: I have moved last summer and hopefully found a place where I can start fresh. My mojo was gone most of the year, but I managed to do some layouts every now and then (much more difficult when not having a craft room any more).

And despite being very very busy during December with juggling different jobs at once, sitting down in the evenings for my coursework and seeing friends at the weekend, I managed to create my Christmas Journal. It is my 7th album and I am proud to tell you that they are all so very different. Different in format, style and the content of course; but we are living in a time, where everything can change rapidly in just seconds.

JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (2)

And that is one reason, I am not showing you all pages of my journal this year. The journaling which goes with each entry is very personal this year and I don’t want to share it with the whole world. I hope you are not too disappointed. I am still sharing my pages in Shimelle’s Class Forum with the fellow participants of “Journal Your Christmas” – so if you are curious, you can have a look there.

I am not saying, I am stopping blogging, crafting or scrapbooking – it will just change slightly the kind of layouts I am going to share on my blog (if I ever have time again for scrapping ;) ). I am looking forward to finishing my coursework, so that there is a little bit more time to be creative.

Until my next post, here are a few more close ups from my Christmas journal – and it is not finished yet, I’m just waiting for some photos I ordered and then the crafting can resume!
JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (3) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (4) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (5) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (6) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (7) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (8) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (9) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (10) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (11)

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – JCY 2014

JCY 2014 - Daphne 2

Hello fellow crafters and scrapbookers! How is your weekend going so far?! You got some time for crafting? As last Sunday, I am back at my craft table (which is overloaded with coursework during the week, but cleared for the weekend) and all the lovely Christmas paper is out of the box! My Christmas Journal for 2014 is ready to go and though the official start of Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas is tomorrow (on the 1st December), I am starting today already. My excuse? Well, it is the first Sunday of Advent, the “official” start of the Christmas time!

My Journal this year is made out of an cardboard envelope. I cut it to size (finished album is about 6″x9″x2″), collected asterix symbols from my white thickers alphabets and stuck them down to create some depth to the background.  On top of everything I used white acrylic paint, stuck down some rhinestones, glitter glue dots and mounted the title tag on top of a giant silver snowflake.
JCY 2014 - Daphne 1
The collections I am using this year is Echo Park Paper’s last year’s collection “Tis the Season” (I got it in the sale last year) as I now have a very very tight budget for scrapbooking material. Nevertheless the collection is absolutely lovely and I am looking forward to using it finally, after hiding it away for almost a year.

Have you had some festive encounters already this year?! Yesterday evening I enjoyed an evening out on the first Christmas Do of the season (with my colleagues from the after-school-club) in Wimborne. We all dressed up in out little black dresses, high heels and lots of glamour and had a great time with the traditional Christmas dinner (roasted turkey with all the trimmings). It felt a bit strange to have a Christmas Do in November, but heyho! It nearly was December, it nearly was the first Sunday of Advent anyway, so: Why not? This evening will definitely be included in my Journal at some stage (watch this space).

For now I’m going back to my craft table and get the creativity from my head into action and maybe even starting on my Christmas Manifesto for 2014. But if you got some time, why don’t you pop over to Shimelle, where she was showing some really stunning and colourful layouts to brighten up the Black Friday weekend (and yes, there is one of mine as well!) HERE and HERE and HERE. Enjoy!