Prompt 2 Photo Assignment :: Fifty Zillion Flowers

Well, fifty zillion pictures of flower would be slightly exaggerated.

I have just thirteen. The mission for today was to take pictures from one flower but lots of different ways. So I was kneeling, lying, stooping and stretching in our front yard (again) and took some pics of the (not just) one and only plant/flower. The first five pictures are from the absolutely unknown plant (hints very welcome!). After that four pics of some roses at our fence, daisies from the back and against the sun, and the last two pics again an unknown plant.

(you can click every single picture to make it bigger!)


3 thoughts on “Prompt 2 Photo Assignment :: Fifty Zillion Flowers

  1. Hi!

    Wow,’ne Menge Fotos hast du da gemacht. Ich habe nicht ganz so viele gemacht. Meine Fotos findest du im Forum. Funny, wir haben die gleiche Rose im Garten stehen…


  2. Sehr schΓΆne Fotos. Ich habe wohl die Aufgabe etwas missverstanden *gg* und die Blumen nicht aus verschiedenen Perpektiven fotografiert, aber egal, Spaß hat es trotzdem gemacht πŸ˜‰

    GLG, Maja

  3. I think your photos look beautiful! I didn’t get to take my photos yet. No flowers and a terribly grey day. Tomorrow I will go flower shopping and I am going to take my photos no matter what the weather! πŸ™‚

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