Prompt 4 :: Scrapbook Pages

Finally! After making lots of pictures, the scrapbooking fun is on again!

I took some “old” pictures from April 2010 and did a LO (with the help of a sketch by Shimelle!). Sorry for the bad photo, it’s hard to make good ones in the evening)

Did another one from Shimelle’s Sketch List – was very fast! I kept it simple!


3 thoughts on “Prompt 4 :: Scrapbook Pages

  1. Hi Daphne 🙂

    I’m loving your pages and photos in Shimelle’s forum! I’m really enjoying this class and learning a lot about my camera – great pages here 🙂

  2. Hi Daphne

    More amazing pages here! Love the first one! The sketches are good aren’t they? I have suffered from serious lack of mojo so the sketches are getting me back on track!

    Abi x

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