The Grotto!

Another LO out of the Stourhead Landscape Garden – more to follow!


4 thoughts on “The Grotto!

  1. Hi Daphne. This layout is beautiful. Stourhead is lovely isn’t it? When we were little we used to go there and stand on the plinths and pretend to be the statues! Lol! Love the LO below as well. so much detail! Thank you so much for the lovely mention you gave me on your blog! its so sweet of you! Abi xx

    • Thanks Jo! Yes, the one on top and the one on the bottom are rub-ons! They were hiding between my card stock – just discovered them today when looking for some background paper!

  2. Uuups, diese LOs hatte ich noch gar nicht gesehen. Bin wieder restlos begeistert, wo ihr überall hinkommt. Ich freue mich schon auf nächstes Jahr!

    GLG, Maja

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