Lulworth – first LO

This afternoon I did my first LO of our visit to Lulworth!

I used Photomerge Panorama with PSE7 and I’m absolutely amazed about the result! Well, I do like the whole LO as well…

I tend to visit places without informing me before the trip – so I have to look up all the details of my shots in the internet (Wikipedia is always a great source) when scrapping the pics. It’s a pity in that case because otherwise I could have made the interesting photo from the other side of this hole.

Well, I’m sure I will visit this place again with my niece and her friend in August – another chance for me!


2 thoughts on “Lulworth – first LO

  1. Das Grün sieht auf deinen Fotos so saftig aus. Ist mir schon bei dem vorgerigen LO aufgefallen. Das Photo ist fantastisch und das LO erst recht! Well done 😉

    GLG und Gute Nacht! Maja

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