Learning on a Sunday

It’s been a long time since my last blog post – I’m sorry for that.

I still got problems with my PC. We figured out that the hard drive wasn’t the only thing which is damaged and so we have to let it repair from a specialist. All files (as far as I know) are still there but I can’t use them at the moment. So I still have to use my laptop and have to start it three times in a row to use it without falling asleep while it tries to open a programm. (So perhaps the lesson for today is already learnt: Be patient!)

Now that my niece and her friend are back home in Germany I have time for myself. While the washing maschine was doing its duty I got rid of the glasses, dishes and pans from the last two days. Finally Saturday afternoon I started with my homework from Shimelle’s new Online Class “Learn Something New Every Day”

First of all the cover. I already decided that it should be the 6×6 AC D-Ring Album which was part of Shimelle’s Back to School Goodie Box I ordered three weeks ago. I also will learn to scrap in that new size – 6×6 pages ar definitely smaller than my 12×12 format.

Using different alphas in one title is very popular at the moment – and as long I like it I will use it! 🙂

Then I started with my first lesson I’ve learnt on Wednesday. The girls were still there and we had planned a trip to Monkey World. I stood up early to get all the things done I wanted to do but in the end I was again the last person who left the house while the others were waiting for me in the car… so perhaps I needn’t get up that early next time – I will be the last one anyway!

The next day Toby had to work so the girls and I drove to Weymouth to Sealife Park. It was nice there, but we finished our tour earlier than expected. The ticket for the car park had been paid in advance so we had time to spend! We spontaneously walked along the beach to the town centre and back – and that was really nice! I think I enjoyed it more than Sealife Park 🙂

Friday was the last day for the girls. We drove them back to Southampton Airport and waved them goodbye. We had already seen the busy traffic on the other side while driving to the airport so our way back home was a cross country tour through Brook, New Forrest Natianal Park, Fordingbridge, Alder Holt, Cranborne, Wimborne St. Giles, Monkton Up Wimborne, Cashmore, Newtown, Ashmore, Fontmell Magna and Sutton Waldron. I absolutely loved it! We drove more than an hour home, but it was worth it: narrow roads, only few traffic and a beautiful and stunning landscape!

Saturday came and the apples which have fallen from our tree in the front yard grew larger in number – what to do with them? Apple Puree! Because it’s the first time we “own” an apple tree it was the first time for me to cook apple puree! And it was easy of course… Next time I will use a food mill instead of the hand blender!

The lesson for today is already learnt (as I wrote it in the beginning): be patient! My Computer will be back to life soon. I hope so.

And what about you? What did you learn today???

Back to School Goodie Box


5 thoughts on “Learning on a Sunday

  1. Na dann hoffe ich mal für dich, dass dein PC bald wieder läuft. Das Album ist so schön und die Seiten sind genau dein Style. Schön umgesetzt. Ich scrappe in einem noch kleineren Format (4×4) und das klappt so gut, dass ich auch bis Ende September durchhalten werde.

    GLG, Maja

  2. Gorgeous pages! I love the background paper you used on the apple puree page. I agree about the mixed alphas in the title being very ‘in’ right now, and it’s a look I really like! xx

  3. Hi Daphne, These pages are lovely and I am liking the cute little easel you have them posed on! I have yet to make a page…. I have been noting in my little notebook all the lessons but yet to do my fave bit and SCRAP!!!! lol x

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