Carry on learning!

Learning during the whole day – who would have thought we are doing that all the time???

On Sunday I really had to learn my lesson to be very, very, very patient (-> I told you about my PC and my laptop). My laptop is very old (I count the laptop-years!) and very slow and sometimes I have to re-boot the system three times before I can use it proper.

The next day I decieded I really need a calender! From this week on I will work more hours a week and sometimes in the mornings – I can’t keep that all in mind. But have you seen these calenders? Boring! So I altered mine. I only kept the inner pages (sorry, I was to lazy to create these inner pages on my own!) and took the already excisting cover with my initials and the apples (OA of course!). So my lesson on Monday was: I learnt to do the coptic binding. It still doesn’t look like the binding in the book “How to make Books” – but I will keep on trying and learning I promise!

And this is the book how it looks like at the cover:

That’s a much nicer way to write into calender than like it was before!


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