Days, Maths and Gratitudes

Tuesday was a very long day! This week I started working from 12 pm (instead of 2.30 pm) and it is very hard! In addition there was a meeting on Tuesday so I came home at about half past 7. Finally the day was over – so my lesson for that day was:

The next day – Wednesday – I helped a friend with her probability calculations and I realized that it was still easy for me to handle that!

Thursday was a day to be grateful for something – and it was definitely the coffees I had that day – made by Lisa! I don’t know why, but her coffee tastes different from the other ones (though I still grateful for EVERY cup of coffee) – so this LO is especially dedicated to LISA!

And today? What did I learn today? Well, a few things I guess, but these are the two which are still in my mind:

1. I broke my routine and stayed in my PJs and dressing gown until nearly midday. And I liked it!
2. An “old” friend from Germany contacted my on FB and we decided to meet us next week for a chat on Skype! Very happy for that!

Lets see what is the LO for today!

Hope your plans for the weekend are nice!


2 thoughts on “Days, Maths and Gratitudes

  1. Liebe Daphne,
    da beneide ich dich ja mal um deine “kurzen” Arbeitstage… Ich arbeite momentan von 9:30 bis 21Uhr…
    hach mal wieder um halb 8 zu hause zu sein… das wär schön!!!!!

    😉 fühl dich gedrückt!

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