12 LOs – enough for one weekend!

Now that the weekend is nearly over my DH remembered me of our kitchen…. there are piles of dishes waiting for me. Well, will do that later. There is still time. Perhaps after cooking. Or perhaps tomorrow. 🙂

Today I finished seven LOs! That are much more satisfying news! Some of them are results of sketch liftings from Shimelle – others were just developed while scrapping. Wanna have a look? Sure you can!

What next? Perhaps some cards? I’m still waiting for my first order from the new Stampin’ Up! catalouge – there are some nice goodies in there, especially for christmas(cards)!

For the following week I have planned not to scrap too much. I have an assignment to do and the six questions could be answered in six days! Perhaps I should be more creative at work – so I won’t miss it at home 🙂

Have a nice and sunny week!


5 thoughts on “12 LOs – enough for one weekend!

  1. Hör mir auf!!! Du kannst nicht aufhören zu scrappen, was??? Du solltest dich wirklich mal um den Abwasch kümmern! Okay, just kidding! Die Layouts sind super und ich wie immer mal neidisch, was du so alles schaffst und wie du es perfekt zusammensetzt.

    Einen schönen Sonntag Abend noch. Hier gab es heut Sonne pur. Ein richtig schöner Herbsttag.


  2. 12 an einem Wochenende – das ist ja der hammer und alles seht so genial aus
    wunderschöne Farben…. hach noch nichtmal wenn die Muse mich küsst schaff ich soviel

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