Another week went by…

… and Christmas is coming within reach! Yesterday DH played Christmas songs on his piano for the first time that year.

My task for today was to decide which format and size my JYC book will be. Shimelle gave us some ideas and I finally decided for a Vintage Book Cover by 7gypsies which I ordered “immediately” so it will arrive in time for December (well, I hope some days before so I can start to prepare it!).

After having a nice chat with Maja I did some LOs, and I finally “reach” the end of the tunnel and hopefully can finish the LOs before christmas!

Is that enough for one weekend? Well, there is one LO in progress, but I’m a little stuck with that…. I shall continue later!


7 thoughts on “Another week went by…

  1. loving the LOs daphne, all that beautiful blue in the photos. my fave is the tree on the hill. i love the way u’ve designed the title and lettering and the leaves at the bottom. wish i lived in the states as two peas has so many fab options for scrapbooking but the cost of p&p is so expensive.
    Jo xxxx

    • Thanks so much for your comment Jo! I ordered some goodies from 2peas today – for me and for a friend. So we can share the costs, but it’s still a fortune. Trying to get all the stuff in the UK means to check about 10 online shops – what a pity! When I grow up 😉 I will open my own scrapbooking store!

  2. Sugar!!! I love your colorful layouts, again and again!!! For me it’s hard to use this much color on a layout, I always go with the neutrals. Maybe I should give it a try, someday….

    Greetings from Germany,


  3. Weihnachtslieder? jetzt schon…. kreisch. Ich blocke ja grad noch alles ab was mit Weihnachten zu tun hat…grins
    Und deine wunderschönen Layouts sind so farbenfroh – da kommt mir alles mögliche in den Sinn nur nicht weihnachten…
    alle wieder ein Traum

  4. Hallo Daphne,
    was für eine Überraschung. Schön, wieder von Dir zu hören. Wie hast Du denn meinen Blog gefunden ????? Ich freue mich über Deine Kommentare und werde sicherlich immer wieder mal bei Dir vorbeischauen.

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