looking forward (and back)

Isn’t that perfect in time? It’s the 25th November today and in one month it is Christmas – and yesterday I finished a book I wanted to do for weeks: My December Journal this year is titled  “24 plus one days of christmas”.

Why not just 25 days you may think?

That’s why: We are from Germany and in that country we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Now, living in the UK and having our first Christmas over here, we got an “additional” day – the 25th December – so we have 24 plus one day!

This time I used some vintage book covers by 7gypsies (I told you before I think). The paper this time is by Fancy Pants Design “Tradition” – I absolutely love it! The inner pages measures 5 1/4″ x 6 3/4 “. Besides the Tradition papers I also used blank pages in red, greens, blues, yellow and brown. There are a few pockets already, but I need to punch and create some daily tags with the number of the days.
A friend from Germany and her DH are arriving today. They are staying until Monday, so I guess I can do the tags very last-minute next Tuesday.
(Lots of nice things to do with our guests: A-ha in Bournemouth, Christmas-Shopping in Salisbury, Stourhead (again!) and I hope lots of nice chatter!)

The pages will be filled with help from Shimelle and her online class “Journal your Christmas” – I attended the class last year just virtually in reading the daily prompts 😉

I promised a look back as well – here they are: Our previous December Journals!

Our first one was in 2007 – very beginner-like, b/c I had started scrapbooking just in that year! I used paper by Basic Grey “Figgy Pudding” and an A5 notebook by ESPRIT. The papers were just one-sided so I glued them right onto the notebook pages and filled them with pictures, notes, sayings, thoughts, letters…..

The following year 2008 I used Basic Grey as well, this time “Wassail” and it was double-sided so no need to glue it onto some paper! The pages are 6 x 8″ and I used my BIA and did a black binding. There are lots of pages to fold out, some pockets as well and a mixture of materials that was in my stash that time: paper bags, fabric, thread, craft paper, felt embellishments, …

But it was kind of “dark”, lots of browns, dark greens/reds. I liked it two years ago and a lot of German Scrapbooker like these colours still. But I wanted it a bit brighter this years so I decided to add light greens/yellows/whites to my twenty ten album!

What about 2009? Actually, there is no album. 😦
I was very busy in that month with packing removal boxes and there was no time left for a December Journal. So I’m very glad and happy I/we can continue our tradition with the Journal this year!

Lots of love from me to you all – I will keep you up to date with my twenty-ten Journal!


8 thoughts on “looking forward (and back)

  1. Your cover for this year is just so nice, I just have to follow you all the way! I´m from Sweden and we celebrate on the 24th as well, but I plan to do my album till new years day. Thanks for sharing!

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