JYC 2010 – 1st Dec. Christmas Manifesto

Finally the first December is around and my first pages are finished as well! I didn’t just reported what happend today but as well what had happend last last days (because they were very Christmassy as well!) – so I ended up with five pages for the one day! Excited to see them? Here they are:

This is the first page – just the date, a picture and the “title”/”theme” of the day! For the daily tag I just punched some paper and glued it together – very similar to Shimelle’s version.

The second page shows the Manifesto Shimelle suggested us. On the right side I started with the journaling – it includes a review of that day last year (because I didnt’t do any Journal in 2009) and of the days before the first December: They were very Christmassy too – so worth to mention!

The last two pages are completing the journaling – I wrote about our Christmas Shopping in Salisbury last Sunday, the bobble caps we all bought (actually, I got a red one – very Christmassy! – and I’m not in the picture) and about our busy day (doing some decoration – hung up some lights!).

And here are the old entries of 2007 and 2008:

1st December 2007
Well, ok…. I was new to scrapbooking and I tried to use ALL my new things and tools on one page. I used paper by Basic Grey and some die cuts by Quickutz (I ordered the Squeeze just some weeks before!). The journaling sounds a little bit overblown. I guess I have improved that through the years 😉

1st December 2008
One year later I changed the format from portrait A5 to a landscape 6 x 8″ – but still used Basic Grey. On that first day I wrote about Tobias’ baking, our busy work and about my “tradition” to read Christmassy romance novels (not the big ones, but the small and fast ones, so I get loads of stories in December). This pages look quite different I think… and I’m using my handwriting without altering.
In that year I did loads of cardmaking and a bunch of mini-books, not “real” scrapbooking pages, but I improved at least the journaling and did some layering techniques.

Looking back to old pages seems to very interesting and I’m excited to show you the others the whole December (if you like) 🙂


6 thoughts on “JYC 2010 – 1st Dec. Christmas Manifesto

  1. liebe Daphne,
    schön schauts aus bei euch im Schnee – und ein sehr lustiges Foto von KC, Jörg und Tobi mit den Mützen. Würde mich mal interessieren, wie deine aussah… 😉
    liebe Grüße und noch eine schöne Adventszeit!!!
    die Monika

    • Hm, stimmt! Ich bin halt der Photograph; das ist oft ein Problem, sich selbst ins Bild zu bringen. Jörgi hat noch ein 4er Gruppenbild gemacht, das hab ich aber noch nicht bekommen!
      Meine Mütze ist eine Pudelmütze und sie ist ROT! Danke für deinen Kommentar! xo

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