JYC 2010 – 2nd Dec. Winter Weather

A winter day in Dorset! Can you believe that?

When we woke up in the morning and looked outside the window – everything was white! Did I mentioned I love this white stuff???

Shimelle was absolutely right for that day as her/our prompt was Winter Weather. And this is my entry:

Four pages again… And I thought I would never have the chance to use my sparkling alphas (yes, Maja, I bought some!) – but they are perfect with the sparkling snow!

Looking back:

2nd December 2007
We celebrated the first Advent Sunday in December. Lots of pictures, less journaling!

2nd December 2008
I had a bad day and I can’t remember why … So the best I could do was snuggling up in a warm blanket (great idea, isn’t it?).


6 thoughts on “JYC 2010 – 2nd Dec. Winter Weather

  1. Love your pages Daphne! Hope you are enjoying all your snow and are tucked up all toasty warm indoor today. I have been home for 4 days now – Sam is getting very bored not being able to really go anywhere. Bethany I think is enjoying staying home and scrapbooking too!

  2. OMG! Diese Seiten sind fantastisch! Ich muss unbedingt heuteabend 3 Tage scrappen und ich Blödi habe meinen Fotoapparat gesternabend vergessen mitzunehmen! Und jetzt habe ich keine Fotos vom Konzert…

    GLG, Maja

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