JYC 2010 – 3rd Dec. Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards!!! I immediately started to panik when I read this prompt!

Yes – you might say – I did loads of cards the last weeks (months?) – but actually not for me! So the task for today was to finally make our cards!

I came up with a very simple technique: punching and a little bit of stamping.
Thirty cards. Four hours. But I’m really sorry – I won’t show the card here because I don’t want to spoil everybody’s joy when receiving the card!
A little bit of whistle-blowing must be: There will be a Holiday Newletter coming to you with the card and you will know all of our ups and downs from the last year!

Just two pages for that day – had been busy with the cards πŸ˜‰

3rd/4th/5th December 2007
Three years ago I wrote down what had been nice and not so nice these days. The not-so-nice things dominated 😦

3rd December 2008
There had been some nice moments two years ago – even if it just was a sun lit tower block during the sunrise. Worth to write it down though!


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