JYC 2010 – 10th Dec. Wrapping Paper

Thanks to Tobias, my DH, we HAVE wrapping paper in stock! He already bought it end of October when the first cards and tags appeared in our village store.
We had to catch the last posting day on Monday, 13th December (for Western Europe) so we used a lot of these papers to wrap everything up!

(I cheated again with the ribbon on that page! I have loads of ribbon for my crafting, but I had NO ribbon for the presents… Must be on my list for next year!)

9th/10th/11th/12th December 2007
Another entry for the 9th December 2007: We visited a friend – we did that regularly every year before Christmas – it was always a relaxing get-together!
On the other days I can just remember me working the whole day! 😦

10th December 2008
I was poorly the second day but managed to pack a packet for my cousin Cherry and her family who lives in Georgia, USA (and you can catch a glimpse on my wrapping paper I used two years ago!)


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