JYC 2010 – 18th Dec. Christmas Dinner

I started with the official part – Christmas dinner. We haven’t decided yet. Uah, I’m getting nervous. I glued an envelope on the right side and will put in all the things relating to the dinner – whenever we decided!

The night before was our Christmas do and we stayed in a Hotel in Bournemouth. I dreamed about snow that night and when I woke up and looked out of the window I really saw snow! Lots of it! We managed to drive home (I really was glad we arrived home safely) and I took lots pictures.
And another double page that day:
Tobias played his first Organ Concert in St. Mary’s Church in our little village. Because of the snow there weren’t that much people – but he really did well! On the right page I used the pocket to put in the programme and the Thank-Your card from Sheila.

18th December 2008
Tobias flew home from England and I was glad to have him back!


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