JYC 2010 – 22nd Dec. Last-Minute Lists

It was just a flu jab on Monday… and look what he’s like:

DH is ill. Seriously ill. We had to drive to the out-of-hours doctor but the only thing he said: He had to get through it because it was JUST a flu jab….
So no Last-Minute Lists for me today – instead I had to play nurse for my DH!
But he got better – thank god!

21st/22nd/23rd December 2007
I caught Findus our catman lying on our table, sleeping! He is ignoring me… and I caught Tobias lying on the sofa with Findus (after playing Carcassonne)… and finally, our Girls Night In – held traditionally on the 23rd December!

22nd December 2008
A friend came that day for creating his Christmas Cards! Tobias baked some Christmas biscuits and I finished a present for my parents. I swapped presents with Gisela and finally started packing for driving home.


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