JYC 2010 – 23rd Dec. Stockings

Stockings? I’m sorry, we got no traditions with stockings…. perhaps I will try that next year. Instead we had to do some things last-minute:Tobias was ill the last days and he was slightly getting better. We finally set our Christmas Dinner, picked up our turkey and decided to go shopping on Christmas Eve for the last bits and pieces.
Traditionally our Girls Night In should be that evening, but I was too far away to be visited, so I hoped I could take part via Skype. But the girls didn’t respond and I was a little be concerned. Later I was told they nearly had to cancel it because Monika’s boyfriend was (finally) coming home from London (he couldn’t fly earlier because of all the cancellations!) and she had to pick him up that night! But at least my presents I sent them last week all found their owner!

23rd December 2008
“Mädels Abend” at Katja’s! Great time girlz! Luv ya all!


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