Last shopping tour in 2010

Today Tobias needed to drive to Bournemouth Hospital for a CT scan of his hand (he broke it a while ago). While he was doing that I went shopping in “The Range”, “Matalan” and “TKmaxx”.

You get loads of things from Papermania at “The Range” – it’s not quite my style, but I use the embellishments, some alphas, and I got new “everyday”-scissers. And some sale items as well. I paid about 32.00 £.

At Matalan I got a new dressing gown and some jeans.

At TKmaxx the fun began: American Crafts Postbound Albums, 12×12 and 8×8
There were a lot. And I got a lot. And low-priced.

This one for example is an 8×8 Album Kit with a postbound album with 10 page protectors, alpha stickers, stickers, badges, chipboard, 8×8 Adobe Scrapbooking paper. How much? 4.00 £

That one comes with Dear Lizzy “Enchanted”, a nice 8×8 light pink album.

One of the 12×12 Albums, with alphas, stickers, chipboard, paper, … 5.00 £

Yes, I bought some more. Five kits, to be honest (and two small ones). Well, I need some albums for the following year! And in 2010 I needed four 12×12 Albums, so for 2011 I will not run out of albums! I paid 37 £ for these seven items. I think that was a real bargain!!! (Any idea how much the “normal” price is? About 18 £?)
Yes, I know girls, I’m a fan of the Modern D-Ring ones, but I think I will try it with these ones this time.
So, I am very happy today!

New Years Eve is nearly over and now I will have some time with my DH (I hope NOT in front of the TV).
We wish you a very Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by this year – I hope we will see us in twenty eleven! Take care!


4 thoughts on “Last shopping tour in 2010

    • Ja, das ist dabei! Aber nicht die dicke Variante – und nur einseitig. Weiß noch nicht, ob ich das verwende. AC papier ist ja nicht so meines…. aber die Alben! Schreib den Laden schon mal auf unsere To-Do-Liste für Deinen Besuch 🙂

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