JYC 2010 – Finished Album

Finally I’m done with the whole album.
Thank you ALL for visiting my blog in December and January and I hope you will keep doing so!
You can flip through the completed album over HERE


5 thoughts on “JYC 2010 – Finished Album

  1. Gratulerer! Du hast es geschafft! Nächstes Jahr schaffe ich das auch, es dürfen nur keine Kids krank werden und die Schwiegermutter wird hier einen Monat einquartiert, damit der Laden läuft.

    GLG, Maja

  2. Bah, das ist der Hammer! Ich werd vor Weihnachten oder überhaupt niemals so viel Zeit haben, um so etwas zu gestalten!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. WOW. Your Christmas Journal is AMAZING (just as I had thought it would be!) I thoroughly enjoyed looking at it … you might have just persuaded me to do another one this year!!!

    Carole x

    • Glad you like it! It was so much fun making it (and I did my NVQ 2 during that time as well) – I was praying for more time and then there was the snow and I couldn’t get to work 😉 Would be happy you join in for this year! xxx

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