A Wish, some Snow and One Little Word

What a weekend! Although Tobias was working all the time I was really busy.
There was a course called Digital Cameras (not “really” for the cameras but for how to download pictures from your camera to your computer – wasn’t new to me at all :-)) – but I needed that course for work, so I’m now an official expert!
But the course also inspired me:
I want a digital SLR. Definitely.
I’ve got a bridge camera, a Fujifilm FinePix S9500. It makes nice pictures but sometimes I want more depth, or a wider angle. Doesn’t work with that one, because I can’t change the lens.
My aim is to save money every month I hope I will have it next Christmas!
Oh, are you curious, which camera? I tend to get a Canon EOS. Any suggestions from you? Happy to hear from your experiences!

Creativity was the topic of my week – I sorted my pictures and did loads of LOs!
The first LO is about Tobias’ passion: playing the organ.
It tells the story about his first organ recital last December in our little village. I was inspired by this LO. Paper by Cosmo Cricket “circa 1934”

I tried to use Shimelle’s Sketch of the Week No 1, but it turned out a bit different from her suggestions – perhaps of the larger picture?! You never know. The original one can be found HERE.

Another snowy LO; a Sketch Challenge from SBT.

And this one just appeared yesterday evening in my mind. I titled it “slipped away” because of the story behind these paw prints in the snow. Isn’t that always important? I did a few LO with snow pictures, but I can’t title them all the same – “snow no.1” or “white” or whatever. Boring. So I try to use a story-related title. It works perfect for me. (Sometimes I’m thinking as long as the entire LO takes to find a perfect title!)
I used “Wintertime” by EP for the last three LOs, a great collection of blues, whites, reds and a little brown. 🙂

In the first week of January I registered for an online class with Ali Edwards – One Little Word. I “only” created my cover page and my photo for the first month. But there is time! No need to hurry – I got the whole month of January to finish each prompt. The next thing I need to do is to define the word I’ve chosen, find some synonyms, quotes and explain why it is my word for the year. That’s easy and I will do it today I think.
A dear friend from Germany, Monika, is joining as well. She is not (yet) a scrapbooker but her first attempts are already promising! Keep going Monika – I envy you for the comment made by Ali Edwards herself! 🙂

May strength be with you this week!


6 thoughts on “A Wish, some Snow and One Little Word

  1. Dear Daph,
    thank you for mentioning my attempts and your nice comments on my attempts tp scrap a little. I’m not sure if I will do the whole scrapbook thing rather than interpreting the prompts my way.
    and the nice comment of ali is just beginners luck… 😉 (but it is a gorgeous picture that frank took by chance with his iphone – and so perfect for my word)

    have a really nice evening!!!

    • You might doing scrapbooking without knowing it 🙂
      And you’re absolutely right – your pic is gorgeous! Well done Frank… I will save money for an iphone in 2012!

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