Small Town Life

There it is! My “Small Town Life” is about the little village we are living in!
I used “Wander” by BG, the PaperPad with the 6×6 sheets and cut a silhouette with the skyscrapers.
Yellow letters? I would never have thought I can use them on some of my LOs! It’s a very unusual colour for me but it fits perfect!
The journaling was hard this time – I typed it first (I’m faster with typing than with handwriting) and my DH read it as well and added some things he thought they were essential.
Ooops – Lisa sneaked herself in this picture! Silly cat!

And for the curious ones – the journaling I wanted to write (but I had to shorten it on the LO, there wasn’t enough space!):

When you are not used to live in a village, be prepared. But you might not regret your decision coming here! You will live together with only nine hundred residents in Iwerne Minster, which is described as an agrarian hamlet. Look around the surrounding hills! You see (and sometimes hear) the sheep blaaing and the cows mooing. Take a walk! It takes just a few minutes have left the cottages behind. Step up Preston Hill for a stunning view into the village. Don’t be afraid of our winters. There is hardly any “real” winter. But if there is snow, the streets will be covered with a thick layer of snow and ice – and you might be stuck in your house. Don’t worry, you still have the chance to get your groceries in the local village shop. Our butcher down Watery Lane has an outstanding reputation – go and get some meat, sausages or even cheese in there! Why not give it a try and reserve you’re your Christmas turkey in there?! Enlightened in the evenings St. Mary’s Church with its octagonal 15th century spire is also a place worth to visit – for a walk round the old cemetery, for an organ recital (played by Tobias, also the local Staff Responder, if you need him desperately), or for a Sunday Service (organ is played sometimes by Tobias as well). Have a walk over to the parish field, have fun on car boot sales, Family Fun Days and village fayres. Try the old pump, have a look to ancient houses and be aware of the really narrow and bumpy roads! If you catch one of the rare busses (five a day), arrive back home in the dark (at 6 pm) – don’t forget to take your torch with you as there are no streetlights at all! You might stumble into our little stream Iwerne in Watery Lane! You got children? That’s their chance to get an excellent education in Iwerne Minster! Clayesmore is an outstanding boarding school on a 62-acre campus. You do need a new car or some petrol? No problem. Want to spend a few silent minutes at the war memorial? You also can have a nice Sunday roast at the Talbot Hotel. You don’t like hotel rooms? There are several B&Bs in the village as well! And what about the people? They will ask you an entire year long if you have already settled in! But they are very friendly and kind! You definitely will love your Small Town Life in Iwerne Minster!

I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes or gramatical faux pas – I’m still learning!


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