Happy Saturday! Today I got something PINK for you! I never thought that I EVER would use those colours combined with my favourite music group: A-ha!
Last year they where on their “Ending on a high Note”-Tour and a friend from Germany and I went to a concert in Bournemouth.

First I was not sure how to scrap these pictures, but then I just took the title and a quote out of that song to create the pages.
The first one is from the song Analogue:

Lots of pink, a little bit of black, glitter and white!
The next LO is going to be from the song “Butterfly, Butterfly” – I will show you on Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Analogue

  1. How cool is that! (;
    I also attended one of their farewell concerts in our town (and Emmendingen has only 25.000 inhabitants!) (;
    So maybe I should start to scrap it, too! ((((;

  2. bei deinen genialen Werken in der letzten Zeit müsste ich mir eigentlich jeden Tag 5 Minuten einplanen um bei dir nen kommentar zu hinterlassen…. ich verpass grad so viel…. deine werke sind so klasse
    besonders das hier ist der hammer

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