It’s Just Water!

There are some pics left when my niece was here last August/September! I must admit that I put them aside because I knew it was going to be a 2-page-layout. I’m not good at it and I try to avoid it where I can. But sometimes you just have to do it (there are more pics waiting for a double LO…).

I used a sketch I found at pagemaps but as always it turned out different. That’s ok, I can live with that 😉
I used some paper I found in my box by KI Memories called “Bloom” – oh dear, that is old! Time to use it up, right? And something old is on that page as well: eyelets! I got tons of it! Thank god I get rid of the shaped ones years ago…. and I think I know why I don’t like them: it takes ages to fix them! Yes, I DO have my Crop-a-dile, but: you have to make holes, then fiddle those thingies in there, press it together and then need two foam pads to stick it to the page (you can use one because if you stick it in the middle of the flower you see the white pad through the hole!)…. toooo complicated for me. I will think of other usage for those. Later.

Hope you have a nice Friday and see you tomorrow!


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