Summer Moved On

Happy Sunday! I will start this day with a very bright layout:
“Summer Moved On” is one of my favourite songs (yes, I have sooo many!) by a-ha. I used lots of warm colours in that LO and in the end I “forgot” about that blue in the picture. Never mind!

See those buttons? I went shopping the other day in a shop in Blandford called Hawthorn Contemporary Arts and Craft and they opened a new room with lots of haberdashery! Definitely worth a visit for the local people (are there any local people reading my blog?).

I also used BG Indian Summer, OA scraps (please, don’t ask me in particular ;-)) and other scraps I found in my drawer. Alphas by AC and OA.

My goal for today is to get the house done (because there are lots of working hours next week -> half term!) and I don’t want DH to do it all alone, right? And afterwards (yes, there is an afterwards) I will do some scrapping – some pics from the concert are still in my box and waving at me!


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