A new kitchen, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Swanage and SW Coast Path

Where to begin?! Too much happened the last week!

We were promised a new kitchen when we moved into our house from our landlady, but she put us off until autumn 2010. We never thought it will last until March 2011 in the end! The old kitchen was from  a long time ago, its colours were a mix of brown and cream and everything was worn out. Yuck! I was sooo happy to get a new one! And now, the new one is fitted in! Hurray! Hurray?! Well, it is a new one; it is white, clean; but without the touch of a little luxury; only three drawers; less cupboards on the wall. But at least our dishwasher is installed and working! I should be happy! (pictures later this week!)

Tobias’ sister Katharina arrived Friday evening and we did a lot at the weekend:

We visited Stonehenge (again) and walked around the circle, made pictures and had fun! Afterwards we went shopping in Salisbury – a nice city to do so!

On Sunday we drove to Corfe Castle and walked through the village and up the hill around the ruins. Katharina loved it (and was happy that it wasnt rebuilt!).

Our last stop was Swanage and Durlston Country Park. We walked along the SW Coast Path with a stunning view of the rough sea and had some cream tea in Swanage afterwards!

I’ve already been to Durlston and Swanage last year (with Tobias on Valentine’s Day) but it was different on Sunday: more sunshine, more wind and more swell!

So I can promise: There are lots of pics which will end up on layouts! Hurray! I don’t think I will do some until Friday, but at the weekend there is lots of time! Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “A new kitchen, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Swanage and SW Coast Path

  1. Liebe Daphne,
    das waren ja wieder tolle Ausflüge und wie gerne wäre ich Tobias’ Schwester gewesen.
    Ich liebe das englische Klima und den Wind im Gesicht.
    Mein Mann und ich waren 2010 mit dem Motorrad in Irland. 3300km sind wir gefahren und haben es so genossen.
    In Schottland waren wir schon 2x mit dem Motorrad und waren uns einig dort einmal alt werden zu wollen. Ein Traum an Landschaft.
    Mein Lieblingsort ist Dunnoter Castle. Du mußt unbedingt mal dorthin fahren, wenn Du noch nie da warst.

    Alles liebe

    • Ah, danke für den Tipp! Wir waren noch nicht weiter als Bath bis jetzt, London auch noch nicht. Ich hoffe aber, dass wir das bald nachholen werden! Schottland wird aber dann bestimmt mal ein ganzer Urlaub werden – für einen Ausflug ist es etwas zu weit weg! 🙂

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