A Sunny Sunday

Hello Ladies! I am back to tell you what I have done today – I promised that, didn’t I?

I did a layout yesterday and today (and the next will be done tonight I think) but I won’t spoil everything because you will see the blog post sometime that week! So here we go for the sneaks:

The first one is a really colourful one with MME Stella and Rose and the second one with my new papers by SC I got last week!

Are you curious now? I hope you are – so watch out next week for the full pictures of the layouts (and some close-ups!).

What else today? It was quite sunny but not that warm (only about 13°C) and I played with my camera in the garden and got those shots for you:

The first tulip is blooming in our back yard! I think we will have more than last year because there are more buds around!

That little cherry tree (or whatever – I don’t know for sure because there were no fruits last year) has been in full bloom for two weeks now – a pink delight!

Our two cats (here you just can see Lisa) are enjoying the garden (and the surrounding areas) very much – and they are always coming back! Clever cats!

Our apple tree in the front yard: My dad said it was the “Mausohrstadium” – but I don’t know the English word for that. Can anyone help? It’s the stadium after a bud but when it’s still not bigger than a mouse’s ear!

We have a few primroses in our garden and they have been blooming quite a long time right after the crocus came out. I especially love the pink ones!

And this is me, trying to take a new profile picture with either the timer or doing it with the long-arm-method (know what I mean?!). What do you think – is that ok or shall I have another try?! The garden in the back is still not the nicest one, but you won’t see it in the cut version!

And in the evening I ordered my add-on-kit by Studio Calico. I’m a subscriber since that month and I’m really thrilled to get my packet even when it takes perceived ages!

Was that an exciting day? Well, it wasnt that bad! Hope your day was nice as well and if you like you can tell me in a comment what was the best for you that day! Have a good start into the following week; I’m off until Wednesday so you might read more from me this week!
Take care and thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “A Sunny Sunday

  1. Liebe Daphne,

    so schön schauts wieder aus bei euch! Ich habe diesen wunderschönen Frühlingstag leider zwei Stunden mehr als erwartet im verspäteten Zug zurück nach Köln verbracht 😦 Trotzdem gab es danach noch einen Kuchen in der Sonne – wenns auch schon halb 6 war 😉

    liebe Frühlingsgrüße nach England
    die Monika

    • Hm, zwei Stunden im Zug? Na da kann ich mir wirklich besseres vorstellen! Zumindest hat die Zeitumstellung dir noch Sonne beschert…. Gaaanz liebe Grüße in die Großstadt aus der rural area! xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures! I especially love the picture of the “cherry” tree or whatever it is. We are still waiting for spring here. Hopefully this week the rest of the snow will melt. Meanwhile I will be enjoying your spring pictures 🙂

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