A Penny For Your Thoughts

My dearest Ladies, happy Tuesday! I’m still off and I did two layouts yesterday which I will show you, I promise; but not today 😉

When we visited Corfe Castle the other weekend Tobias was really happy to have his sister with us for four days but I also caught him with that face and I wished I could read his thoughts…

I especially like the white background and the lines I made with the sewing machine. The whole idea for this layout is based on the Sunday sketch by Studio Calico – and I like the idea that Tobias is looking out of the layout! And no, I WILL NOT mirroring the picture! You can’t do this! Never ever….

So, what are you up today? I’m still struggling (but nearly decided) to take part in a competition you can find HERE (UKScrappers) but when I tried to do a layout with these specifications yesterday, my mind blocked and I couldn’t do anything! Not a good thing. Are you taking part?

Have a lovely Tuesday and take care!


8 thoughts on “A Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. No castles around here, but we hope to see some on a trip someday. Lucky you! Love the photo and your layout – great colors and white space! Found your blog through the BFS class.

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