Where is Findus?!

Findus is our catman (he is named after a swedish children’s book by Sven Nordqvist) and he had a really nice day in the garden (and yes, he’s really coming back all the time and telling us stories where he was).

But yesterday he tried to jump up to the table but the table-cloth slid down with him and he bumped back to the floor and hit his legs at the chair. After that he was hobbling. *worry*
So we drove him to A&E (poor thing). They tried to figure out what it was but couldn’t find anything so they decided to do an x-ray (but only with sedate him) so Findus spent the whole night at the doctors and we can pick him up this morning!

And the x-ray? You couldn’t see anything broken on there so he just suffer from a big, fat bruise! Bless him…

I hope he is thinking first next time when he tries to jump onto the table (what he shouldnt do at all of course!).

Happy Monday everybody!



2 thoughts on “Where is Findus?!

  1. Ui, was für eine aufregende Sache, der arme Findus…er ist ja tatsächlich so wie sein Namensvetter in den wunderbaren Geschichten um Petterson og Findus! Der steckt auch immer in Schwierigkeiten…

    GLG, Maja

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