Sparkling Autumn

We had our second spring day over here and I’m writing about autumn?! Actually, when I did that LO it wasn’t spring at all…. just muddy and rainy. So I needed a bit of sunshine and there we go:

The colours are very unusual for me (or at least the mixture) so I’m not sure if I like it or not… what do you think?!

And I am not just writing about spring – I will show you:

Hm, lovely tulips, right? Have you seen the striped one in the first picture? It was the first one which opened its petals and it’s the only one with yellow in there (apart from the bottom)…. weird…

And we have some pansies primroses forget-me-nots as well! Havent seen them before! (Tobias had a guess on them and with the third answer he was finally right!)

And those are our apple tree blossoms…. nearly open! I think it will happen tomorrow! If they do, I will show you of course!


3 thoughts on “Sparkling Autumn

  1. Ich liebe Deine frischen, farbenfrohen Layouts. egal welche farben Du benutzt. Was gefällt Dir denn nicht? Das Grün, das Orange, das Blau????
    Es ist wunderschön Daphne!

    Liebe und sehr sonnige Grüße aus der Nähe von Düsseldorf

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