Glasses off, please!

Happy Monday! Happy first week of the Easter Holidays!
Are you excited or already stressed because you know your kids are going to be a handful?!
I’m fine because I just have “my” kids from 8 to 4 every day and then can go home and leave them with their parents 😉

So, how was your weekend?! Ours really was lazy. Lots of sitting and doing nothing (and some scrapping of course) but I have to wait for better light to take a picture. In the meanwhile I can show you the one with the similar warm feeling we had yesterday: about 20°C in the shade! Wow! I even could dry three loads of laundry outside!
So, here’s the layout with my DH, wearing his cooool shades! But I don’t like those on his nose when I’m taking a picture of him:

I used Shimelle’s Sketch of 4×6 Photo Love again – but just with two photos instead of three – and it worked well! And take a closer look: I even used some stamps as a border (I should try that more often, don’t you think?!)

OK Ladies, I’m off now (it’s only 6.30 am, I know). Have a great day and see you tomorrow! Take care!


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