Happy {i}Scrapbooking Day!

It’s Sunday evening already and I’m done with my layouts!  I did five this weekend – not that much, I could have done more if not my DH claimed for a Banana bread and a Lasagne yesterday. And today I cooked a veggie soup so I will have less stress during the week!

Yesterday morning I was a bit confused about the amount of different challenges you could find on different blogs by different companies/people. But I was relieved when Shimelle announced that she would do some challenges for Scrapbooking Day as well – she is just lovely, right?!

So, are you curious to see my layouts?! I bet you are 😉

I started off with the first challenge: Use patterned paper for your page background.
I normally use only CS for my backgrounds so it definitely WAS a challenge for me. And please don’t call it cheating because I chose a background with only a grid 😉

(See those green sprinkles?! Yes, I tried to use some acrylic paint as well!)

The second challenge was: Create a triangle.
Easy! I’m used to that! And my triangle was really centered today:

(My three nieces in Salisbury having fun in a red telephone box!)

The next challenge to use a border between two photos. Yes, I like love that as well! There we go:

(And just don’t ask why I used the lamp as an embellishment; just look at the colours! 😉 )

For the fourth challenge we should create a page with the story behind a photo. I thought of those photos I took in the Minack Theatre in Cornwall:

I’m not totally convinced with that page – but I will just carry on and do the next one!

2peas also hosted challenges, hops, chats, … all weekend long and you have until next weekend to finish off your pages (with Shimelle as well)!

I started with a Starter Challenge: Scraplift a Garden Girl! I had a look at all the different Garden Girls in the Gallery, but – sorry! – I ended up with Shimelle again! I chose THAT layout and lifted it:

The “problem” was: I didn’t have those flowers from Shimelle’s layout – but you aren’t a scrapper when you can’t help yourself! So I created mine myself: with ribbon, glübers, paper flowers, buttons, brads, pearls, rhinestone, thread …. loved that!

When looking for your alphabet you always need the one which letters are already selected and missing! So what to do when your title contains two “l”s?! I used “j” without the dot 🙂

We finally have “Glübers” by CC in the UK and I used two of them for my flowers – such a great help! They are really sticky! Next time I will use some fabric instead of the ribbon… for a more shabby look 😉

So, (totally) finished for today!
Tomorrow another week of ScrapFactor (UKScrappers) starts, we are getting our new theme in the morning and have until next Friday to finish off a layout. Can’t wait for that challenge!

And how was your weekend?! Did you scrap? Did you spend your days outside? Celebrated Mother’s Day?! I love to hear from you – as always!

Have a nice week! xxx


11 thoughts on “Happy {i}Scrapbooking Day!

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  2. Brilliant layouts Daphne, each one is so different. I did manage to complete some too! I love the story behind the photo, many a time have we stopped to consider “is it worth it” xx

  3. Meine Güte Daphne… schläfst Du garnicht? 😉
    Ich bin immer froh, wenn ich eine Karte schaffe, Du machst mal eben 5 Layouts und Alle sind toll.
    Ich mag die Leuchte auf dem Layout. Ich stelle mir vor, dass Sie in einem der Häuser im Hintergrund steht 🙂

    Viele Grüße Ines
    P.s: Ich war am Wochenende bei Traumwetter in Hamburg.

    • Jawoll – die Leuchte steht in einem der gemütlichen Cottages im gemütlichen Lyme Regis! Und doch, ich schlafe; im Moment aber nur so bis 6, halb 7, denn ich gehe schon früh ins Bett! Dann ist der Vormittag länger 😉

  4. What a clutch of lovely pages! I like each and every one of them. I’d have been most challenged by using a patterned paper as a background too = and yes, in my book, checks very definitely count!

  5. Wow Daphne, all your pages look fabulous! I like ‘in the spotlight’ a lot – I like the grid background! I love the Minack Theatre, we went once to watch a play and it was fabulous.

    I love your flowers on the last page, they are so beautiful and look really great all piled up like that! x

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