Playground Fun

What to do when your Mojo is not around?! Easy! Take a sketch and start a new layout!

So did I that morning. And I haven’t taken Shimelle’s sketch for the first time – I already used it several times – luckily the layouts are all in different albums so no one (except me and you now) will recognise the similarity!

So at this point let me say thank you to Shimelle for her great inspiration, sketches and fabulous online classes! She is the one you can “blame”  for seeing lots of layouts on my blog!

So how was your weekend so far?! Did you enjoy the ESC last night?! I was disappointed. I didn’t like the winner’s song – but the result didn’t lie in our own hands…

Louise – did you have your relaxed weekend?! Ines – did you finish your journaling?!
I will clean up my room (hopefully), have a BBQ with DH later (so very relaxed for me) and hope to be ok for going to work tomorrow because of the cold I’ve got since Friday! Take care!


6 thoughts on “Playground Fun

  1. fun layout with lovely fresh colours. Shimelle is a great source of inspiration. I had a lovely relaxed weekend with the family thank you Daphne, back to the normality tomorrow though. Hope you’re weekend’s been good too and enjoy your BBBQ xx

  2. Oh… jetzt fühle ich mich aber erwischt 😉
    Ich liege mit dem Mini in den letzten Zügen und hatte (hoffentlich siehst Du das dann später auch so) eine schöne Idee für’s Journaling.
    Es wird nicht viel, ich kann einfach besser reden, als schreiben 🙂

    Ein schönes Layout Daphne!
    Ich liebe Dein Journaling sehr. Es ist klein und fein.
    Du hast es ben drauf!

    Viele Grüße

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