Have you been pinning today?

It has been a very inspiring Saturday so far!
I found a lot of layouts and sketches on Pinterest and I think I will be very busy the next weeks!
Have you had a look at Pinterest already?! It can be addictive with all those lovely pictures! Be careful!

But the following layout/sketch wasn’t on Pinterest! It just came out of mind – I was inspired by the colours, the dots and the picture of my two nieces!

I saw the stitching on the circles on the Sassafras Blog – what a simple but effective idea!
It’s raining outside, thick clouds are in the sky and it’s cold! It felt like I need a hot bath tonight! What are you doing to warm up?!

Have a cosy Saturday, a shiny Sunday and a perfect Bank Holiday on Monday! (But I guess we will read each other before then!)



3 thoughts on “Have you been pinning today?

  1. Beautiful layout, the stitched circles do look really pretty. I like the line of circles along the bottom too.
    Yes, I LOVE pinterest, getting very hooked on it. It’s so much fun, and very inspiring! x

  2. Liebe Daphne,

    ein super Sommer Outdoor Layout.
    Tolle Farben und die bestickten Kreise sind wirklich eine tolle Idee.
    Hier ist es warm und sonnig und so brauchen wir Heute Nichts zum Aufwärmen.

    Viele Grüße

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