Sea of Blossoms

Shimelle’s SOTW this time required a bigger picture than usual. But I did NOT have a big picture….
Maja already started with her layout (she HAD a big picture) and I tried to adapt it with a 4×6 photo (I will show you that layout when I’m more confident)….
I was frustrated… I leant back on my chair – and caught a glimpse of something pink! It was a photo of cherry blossoms I printed off in April to use on a layout with a BIG PICTURE! So this picture was definitely BIG – how could I forget that?! Well, then I could start!
That all happened before lunchtime.
And I finished my layout in the evening.

Look at those colours! A very unusual colour combination: pink, orange and green! You can blame it on pebbles – that’s the company I got the polka dot paper from (the big pink dots on orange background). But it’s definitely a fun combination!

But then: DH doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like the lined journaling card and my writing (I don’t know why – I didn’t change my style)…. he’s already started to be verrrry critical…

Like Shimelle did on her layout, I painted around my journaling card with acrylic paint – but without Glimmer Mist! I don’t own a single bottle! (I own Mr. Huey’s Mist but those are withOUT glimmer)
And then I used some of my new Washi Tape I got from The Makery in Bath (thanks Mollie for the hint!) – they are awesome!!! Very recommendable!

Hope your week was not too busy until now – you only got one more day before the weekend! You will read me again tomorrow with my Friday Lift – with a difference then!

Thanks for stopping by! xxx


10 thoughts on “Sea of Blossoms

  1. oooh i like the very big photo and the orange complements the photo. These men can be very critical can’t they. After all the years i’ve been scrapping he now only rolls his eyes!!

  2. What a beautiful photo and a lovely way to show it off. Orange and pink is a great colour combo – my daughter had a few outfits when she was smaller and I used it on a LO earlier this year. As for hubby – challenge him to try if he thinks he could do better – there just aren’t enough men scrapping.

  3. Was für ein tolles Foto und ein klasse Layout!
    Ich mag Rosa und Orange und auch das Grün dazu.
    Wunderschön Daphne! Ich weiß nicht genau was Dein Mann hat?

    Viele Grüße

  4. Ich habe nur gesagt, dass andere Layouts mir schon besser gefallen haben…bin schliesslich “verwöhnt” von Qualität und deshalb “kritisch”:)
    @Maja: das einzigste, was ich mit scrappen kann, ist auf die “Scrapyard” fahren 1x im Monat:)

  5. oh i so very much want to see, but wordpress tells me file not found for the picture of the whole layout! it SOUNDS beautiful! 🙂 and pish-posh to husbandly criticism! (i get that too but tend to think at least when he does give a compliment at least i know it’s real!)

    • Thank you so much for your comment Shimelle! Now you can see my Sea of Blossoms in total – I fixed it! Sorry for that! And thanks for the new SOTW – I will have a go soon!

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