Rose Garden @ Kingston Lacy

Happy Sunday! The sun is out! The laundry is flattering in the wind and there will be some rain later 🙂 Love those days!

And in the meantime there is a layout for you – with seven pictures. Yes. Seven. 7. Sieben. It was Shimelle’s idea of course!

The bottom stack of photos is an accordion fold with six pictures (and if you even swap the journaling card with a photo you will have eight pictures in total!). The page protector gets cut of course, otherwise you can’t see all the picture of this layout! Have a look on Shimelle’s blog for more information and a video tutorial how to make this accordion fold! Very easy – I promise!

See those toppers on the flowers?! These are CANDi – they are made of paper, look a bit like brads but without legs! You get those in different colours and with little dots or flowers on it.

Crate Paper – Emma’s Shoppe – Fabrics
Crate Paper – Emma’s Shoppe – Dresses
The Girls`Paperie – Jubilee – Carousel
Scrapbook-Werkstatt – Zeitreise – Das Leben ist Spitze!
The Girls`Paperie – Kitch – Sticker Pad
Scrapbook-Werkstatt – Zeitreise – Clear Stamps – “Zeitgeist”

Heute scheint hier mal die Sonne. So zwischen den Wolken durch. Und später solls auch regnen. Perfektes Sommerwetter!
Da zeig ich euch heute doch mal schnell ein Layout, das sieben Photos enthält; wenn man die Journaling Card im Leporello durch ein weiteres Photo ersetzt, hat man sogar acht Photos auf dem Layout! Die Idee ist mal wieder von Shimelle – Anleitungsvideo ist auf ihrem Blog HIER zu finden! Der Page Protector wird natürlich auch noch aufgeschnitten, so dass man das Layout schön im Album stecken lassen kann!

Have a nice day!


6 thoughts on “Rose Garden @ Kingston Lacy

  1. Sehr schon Dapfnie. You’ve given me a good idea for some ‘difficult’ pp I have in my stash.
    I did mine last night and posted it to 2peas – the blog will have to wait. I got some Candi last weekend – not used it yet though.

    • Thanks again Julie! I hope I will see your layout with the difficult PP!
      I ordered two packs of CANDi, got it Saturday. I won’t use it too much I think…. I like the thought of colouring plain ones!

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