10 Things about Scrapbooking

What to tell your husband about your hobby (but perhaps don’t show him too much):

1. Patterned Paper is the essential part of scrapbooking. Most of us can’t scrap without it. As long as you don’t use it, hide it from the curious eyes of your husband. But show him the finished layout with the paper and tell him how perfect it fits to the picture(s)!

2. Card Stock. Very essential as well – and of course you have to have every colour that exists! You never know which colour your pictures will have, right?

3. Alphabets in every size, shape, colour, thickness, finishing, grip… Don’t try to explain him why you need a second sheet of the same alphabet because there’s an E missing for your title – he won’t understand. Really.

4. Embellishments are endless: flowers, buttons, brads, thread, ribbon, stickers, rhinestone, half pearls; better not run out of any colour or style!

5. Stamps, clear or cling on acrylic blocks, rubber on wooden blocks; love them, you just need them! It’s like your husband’s favourite game – you just can’t let go!

6. Paints/Inks in every colour. Yes, it is very helpful to have a great variety. Black is not equal black, and blues have thousands of shades!

7. Punches are living on bars which are attached to the wall. Better not add more bars – that might make your husband suspicious!

8. Adhesive. double-sided tape, tape roller, liquid glue, PVA glue, quick dry glue, glue stick, fabric glue, glue dots, washi tape, masking tape, hot glue gun, … didn’t you know every element on a layout needs its special glue to stick it on?

9. Tools are the hidden things on your table (for the outside world), but you can’t hide them from your husband. So tell him all the benefits of having a Crop-A-Dile I and II, a Corner Chomper, different trimmer, scissors, pens, stapler, piercers, …

10. Sharing on blogs, forums, galleries. No, we don’t do that to get praise from others (perhaps a little) – we do it to show everybody our favourite paper, embellishments, techniques and photos. And – very important – we want to share our story and life in a very creative way!

What are your 10 Things on the Tenth? Play with us and share yours HERE.
Did I forget anything in my list? Feel free to add your essential part of scrapbooking in a comment!


12 thoughts on “10 Things about Scrapbooking

  1. Was für eine geniale Liste, Daphne.
    Aber woher kennst Du meinen Mann?
    Sind wirklich alle Männer gleich?
    Sein Lieblingsspruch:
    Stempel doch erst mal mit den Stempeln, die Du beim letzten Mal gekauft hast bevor Du Neue kaufst.
    Mein Spruch als Nichtraucherin:
    Ach, dafür rauche ich Eine weniger!

    Liebe Grüße

  2. So true! Mine was also about scrapbooking this month (my first month). I’m lucky that my DH doesn’t want to know what things are for, he isn’t at all interested although he does look with dismay when I return with big bags of more stash!

  3. Hehe! My husband really no idea how much scrapping stuff I have and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be happy if he found out. Because it’s much, much more than 10 things LOL!

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