Ten Things I’m preparing for Christmas already

It is early, I know; but let me tell you: Christmas always comes suddenly!

  1. Christmas Cards: different sizes, colours, texts, look, style…
  2. Notepads: little pads in a CS cover with bling and a pencil – you will never ever forget again what to shop!
  3. Stocking Fillers: sweet treats in tiny bags and funny pencils for a boring school days
  4. Journal your Christmas: already decided for the paper, but need to decide the size and the cover
  5. Tree Ornaments: made from old book pages and lots of glitter!!!
  6. Tags: you need them – otherwise you might open the wrong present!
  7. Chutney: made out of apples, apples and apples; and some other nice stuff 🙂
  8. Name Tags: to let everyone know where to sit at christmas day
  9. Newsletter: it’s just the second time, but we will do it again this year to let everyone know how life is over here
  10. Snow: I’m already ordering it for Christmas Eve and the following days. You can’t be early enough to do so!

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6 thoughts on “Ten Things I’m preparing for Christmas already

  1. What a great list – I’ve started a few preparations, too, but I’m further behind than last year. It seems to be creeping up on me this year. Great list of 10!

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