A Confession

What am I? You know, I’m a girl, a wife, a friend, a colleague, a daughter, a sister, a SIL, but I’m also a scrapbooker with some paper addiction! Whohoooo! I said it: paper addiction…. When Shimelle sent us her first PDF to her new Party and I was reading it I nodded in nearly every paragraph: oh no!!!! So to sum it up:

I am a Paper Collector, a partial Scrap Sorter and a Collection Packer:

I love full sheets of paper. I sniff freshly printed paper (yummm). I admire the various textures. I could craft for the rest of my life with my collection.
I keep all my small scraps in case they come in handy for another project. I put all these scraps in one place without sorting.
If there is ONE lovely sheet of paper – there could be another dozen patterns to match! So sometimes (not always though!!!) I get the whole collection pack. And sometimes I stick to one product line on my project.

But I’m NOT a Pattern Contender. Not anymore. I was. And that was ridiculous! I’m still aware of those packs I still got – they are really ugly now (in my eyes) and I’m really happy if someone would like to have them. I can’t bin them!

So to complete my confession, this is my paper (all 12×12″ – just for the dimension!):

And now my lovelies – who are you!? Take care and don’t let the paper grow on you!!!

Heute ist der erste Tag von Shimelle’s neuer Online-Class – für schlappe zwölf GBPfund ein echtes Schnäppchen! Vier Wochen lang jeden Tag ein PDF mit Anregungen, Ideen und Party! Da hält ne Weile an sag ich euch 🙂
Im ersten PDF erläutert Shimelle die verschiedenen Papier-Typen. Ich bin eine Mischung aus einem Sammler, Sortierer und Collection Packer! Was für ein Typ bist du?!
Wenn du Lust auf Shimelle’s neue Online-Class hast kannst du dich jederzeit anmelden! Das Forum steht dir dein Leben lang zur Verfügung und nette Teilnehmer sind garantiert!


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