Happy Birthday to me!

Hello Ladies! What. A. Week. And finally, yesterday, it was my birthday as well!
Sorry for not writing a post and showing you some layouts, but I didn’t have time for that! There was an album with 20 pictures I had to finish for a friend, there were some treats/stocking fillers/cards I had to do for the Christmas stalls in November in December, there was a Cardmaking event near Wimborne I attended (with Carole and Angela!) AND I had a husband with a real serious Man Flu (chest infection AND ear infection)…. Any questions!?

Ok, let’s move fast forward on to my birthday: A perfect day!
My new friend Carole came over and we spend the afternoon drinking tea, coffee and having giggles in my craftroom (and she finally finished her cards she started on Friday!).

I got a bunch of presents: a balloon, a little drawer with buttons (thanks Carole), German chocolate (thank you Ines!), East Frisian Thiele Tea with rock sugar sticks (thank you Monika), yummy shortbread (thanks Jane), a packet from my Cousin with a combat hamster (it is making sounds and rolling around the house!), an audio book, some scrapbooking goodies and other little bits and pieces.
DH gave me some chocolate, a carrot cake, a DVD and a glittery fairy Birthday card with a badge which I had to wear the whole day to get the other present: a new winter coat! It’s not bought yet, but will be in two weeks time!

I also got some cards from Pauline and Bethany (xxx), Laura, my Aunty and from all the others above!

And not to forget the yummy birthday cake from Lisa (already on Friday) and her nice strawberry jam we had for breakfast yesterday!

But we forgot to make some pictures! Oh dear, I only was aware of that when Carole was gone home and we sat in front of the telly to watch the DVD I got that day. Silly. But you can’t help it now.

And on Facebook!? I got more than fifty messages on my pinboard from old and new friends! Thanks for that as well!

And what are my plans for today? Just scrapping! The whole day through! I can’t promise pictures tonight, but will be the following week (if I’m not too worn out working four days in a row, eight hours a day: it’s half term!).

Gestern war mein Geburtstag und ich habe viele schöne Geschenke, Glückwünsche und Nachrichten von Freunden und Bekannte bekommen! Tausend Dank dafür!
Leider habe ich vergessen, Fotos von mir und Carole zu machen, als sie mich gestern besucht hat, beim nächsten Mal dann.
Werde heute endlich mal wieder scrappen, nachdem ich die vergangene Woche nur Dinge für andere gemacht habe und nicht für mich! Photos von meinen heutigen Werken kommen dann im Laufe der Woche, wenn mich vier Tage mit jeweils acht Stunden nicht völlig danieder raffen 😉 (es sind Ferien in England!)
CU soon Ladies!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Happy belated birthday. Sorry I didn’t post on FB but I was on top of the Blackpool Tower. And I remembered to take photos. Glad you had a good day. You’ll just have to do a photoless LO!

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