It’s the time of the year again!!!

Did I scare you?! I did NOT mention the C-Word – yes it’s still November and not December yet, BUT: it is definitely less the three weeks until the first of December! And girls, you need to prepare your Christmas Journals! Perfect timing – lovely Shimelle is hosting a whole weekend with ideas and chances to win prizes!

Come over and join the fun!

It already started off yesterday evening with a woven card (with the paper I’m using for my JYC this year: Crate Paper – Peppermint).
The next post was about choosing the right size for your own Christmas Journal! That was quite a thing and I will tell you about that later!
The last entry for yesterday was about a Christmas Garland – I think I saw it already last year but didn’t have a go! So I will do it this year!
We got an early wake up call from Shimelle at about 6 am that morning! Don’t worry, not a real one, just on her blog! We should look through our projects and decide for a favourite one – I linked my Christmas Journal from last year – my favourite so far!
And the actual one is another Christmas Card by Pam Brown – it really looks easy and I will have a go on that as well!

Ok, let’s have a look at my size of this year’s Christmas Journal.
Last year I saw a journal which was made out of an old book cover like that:

or like this:

And as you can see – I already had two options to go with. But still – I wasn’t quite sure!!! So when Shimelle posted her blog entry yesterday I had a flash inspiration: Composition Books! I still got some on my shelf because I’m using them as a diary! So this year (finally) I will have a bigger size: 9 3/4 x 7 1/2″

The paper inside was already cut off and I think I have to extend the spine – but that is going to be not before it is finished in January!
The paper (as I wrote before) this year is Peppermint by Crate Paper and I got it all together (still the little bits and pieces to come):

Lots of bling this year again! I promise!
Ok then, I’m off and I will start CUTTING my pretty paper for my journal!
Happy crafting everyone!!!


8 thoughts on “It’s the time of the year again!!!

  1. lots of Christmas lovelies yummy! I have made a woven card but not sure I like it very much! Will take a photo tomorrow in the daylight and post it on my blog, can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Can’t wait to see your Journal come alive, and to do mine along with you! It’s going to be a lot of fun 😉 Your supplies look so pretty and I’m busting to see your cover!!!

    C xxx

  3. Just found your blog, very interesting. I did JYC 2 years ago and I’m thinking of it again.
    What a coincident, I just covered a composition notebook today. I started journalling lately to help with grief (long story). I actually needed a new one (I write then rip) so I found some beloved leftover paper and covered and added goodies.

    Can’t wait to see your book! Oh and I love Shimelle’s site, have recently rediscovered the goodness again.

  4. Love your choice of album! I’m doing my JYC pages as 8″ tall by 4″ wide – inspired by your LSNED album!

    The crate paper collection looks great, I can’t wait to see what you do with it! x

  5. I’m using crate paper, too! I bought some MME and EP to go with it, but as I worked n my journal today I’m not sure I’ll use it! looking forward to seeing how you pull it all together.

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