JYC 2011 – 5th December – Counting Down

Happy Monday! How are you counting down the days before Christmas?!
We do have more than one calendar again this year.

There is the big, red one behind our kitchen door with pockets to fill each day (found some orange flavoured chocolate especially for DH).

There is the chocolate one with a wintry picture and 24 little flaps to open, with plain chocolate.

And there are two picture calendars, card size, I got from two friends from Germany, Laura and Katja! Miss you girls!
(Those two will be put into the pocket on the page when the time has come!)

And then I went into our front yard today and was a bit irritated….. there is a tree (plum? cherry? still don’t know, never seen any fruits) and the blossoms are already blooming….

Very. Weird.

Crate Paper – Peppermint


2 thoughts on “JYC 2011 – 5th December – Counting Down

  1. So, so… 4 Adventskalender für 2 Personen… Ihr müßt ja besonders lieb gewesen sein ;-).
    Der Frühling in England kommt auch immer früher!
    Geniale Fotos hast Du da gemacht.

    LG und einen schönen Nikolausabend

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