JYC 2011 – 8th December – Sights of the Season

When I was walking through our village the first time (it was Dec 2009) I stopped at a house next to the church. It was fully illuminated with lights, figures, sound – amazing! This house is decorated each year in December to collect money for the Dorset Somerset Air Ambulance.

As I didn’t include it in last year’s journal I wanted it in this year’s!

(I forgot the journaling on the page! Silly me! Will do that now 😉 )

How’s Christmas in your city/town/village?

Crate Paper – Peppermint


4 thoughts on “JYC 2011 – 8th December – Sights of the Season

  1. Love your page. I love that picture of the lights… really pretty! Christmas where I live is different from what it’s like in a small town, I am sure. There are lot’s of public parks which have holiday lights set up in the park for people to drive through, the zoo has a lights display which is awesome… the stores and malls are super busy, and in the historic district they do a Santa’s of the World festival. We definitely have a lot to stay busy!

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