JYC 2011 – 9th December – Traditions

Our Christmas traditions have changed since we moved to the UK, but I like them already!

We will have a mixture of German and English Christmas, with opening pressies on both days, Christmas Eve and Morning!

We still have no stockings in our house… maybe I will start that tradition next year as we are too busy this year!

Crate Paper – Peppermint
Scrapbook-Werkstatt – Weihnachten! – Weihnachtsgrüße


4 thoughts on “JYC 2011 – 9th December – Traditions

  1. Love this German/English page!!! Love that you get to celebrate in both ways and are embracing both traditions – how cool is that?! And how cute are your little elves??? 🙂

    Carole xxxxx

  2. This is an awesome page. My great-grandparents were from Germany and they used to include German traditions in their Christmases when they were still alive. My grandparents continued it as well… after seeing your page, I’m starting to think we should start including some!

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