Open Your Eyes!

A new challenge is up at The Studio! This time it is a bit different: It’s all about favourites but not quite as you might think!

What is your favourite product and technique to use when scrapping?

My favourite products? They are changing all the time – but at the moment you can see a lot of cameras on my layouts!
My favourite technique? I looove to sew on my layouts! It’s like the last finishing touch to every page.

Don’t forget if you enter the challenges this month you could win a lovely kit from our great sponsor Quirky Kits at Crafty Templates!


7 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes!

  1. very cute layout! you must be a paitent person to sew on all your layouts. I love it too but can’t get over how much time it takes to do it so I try to avoid it.

    • Thanks Laurel – but it’s not as hard as it always looks! The sewing takes just a few minutes! The trick is: don’t put away your sewing machine completely, always have it handy and next to your craft table! Setting up the machine is the most time consuming part!

      • Hi Daphne-oh that’s a good tip! Yeah pulling it out, threading the new color of thread is what prevents me from doing it. or the fear that i’ll ruin a finished project! Here’s one of the first time I used the sewing machine: Seriously took so long to make ONE card!!

        and then recently on these three layouts:

        But I had a few blunders (thread broke) and luckily they didn’t ruin the paper. Might be hard to see in these photos or might not really matter. πŸ™‚ I am still learning the machine. Do you ever do it by hand with embroidery floss? I love the look (thicker and stands out more), but it takes so long!!

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