The Studio Challenge – An Olympic Blog Hop

Hello there – happy Olympic Sunday! It’s the first Sunday within the Olympic Games London 2012 – and as this is a BlogHop you should be coming directly from The Studio Challenge Blog!

As the Olympic Games are not an event which can be seen every four years in this country we (Designteam @ The Studio) decided to organise a little BlogHop – and some girls are giving away some nice stash! But we will discuss this later! 🙂

My layout definitely was inspired by the Olympic Games – as it shows my personal challenge for this year: Being more active!

Paper by October Afternoon "5 & Dime"

I started with Ballet at a very early age and later attended Contemporary and Jazz Classes as well! Unfortunately I had to stop dancing in 2004 – there was just no time for it left! But this summer I started again – just with a bit of Ballet, and just once a week but it is nice to feel the muscles stretching again! Maybe I add some more classes after the summer holidays – Jazz or Contemporary. We will see!

And now for the important part: To enter my give-away all you have to do is to leave a comment until next Friday, 3rd August 2012, telling me which Sport(s) in the Olympic Games you like most!

I’m giving away a 6×6 Paper Pad by Prima with 48 pages, some clear stamps (also by Prima) and two packs of My Mind’s Eye ‘Miss Caroline’ Twine!

After leaving your comment your next stop will be with Valerie and her Olympic Interpretation!

Here is the complete list of the participants if you already lost track 😉

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Happy Olympic Sunday! Heute ist der erste Sonntag während den Olympischen Spielen London 2012 – und da dieser Blogpost ein Teil eines BlogHops ist, solltest du direkt vom The Studio Challenge Blog kommen!

Da die Olympischen Spiele ja nich jedes Jahr in der UK stattfinden, haben wir, das Designteam vom The Studio Challenge Blog, entschieden, einen thematischen Blog Hop zu veranstalten – auch bei manchen gibts auch was zu gewinnen (auch hier!).

Mein Layout war definitiv von den Olympischen Spielen inspiriert: Es zeigt meine persöhnliche Herausforderung für diesen Sommer: Mal wieder etwas sportlich sein!
Mit Klassischem Ballett habe ich schon ziemlich früh angefangen, später kamen noch Contemporary und Jazz Classes dazu! Leider musste ich wegen Zeitmangel in 2004 damit völlig aufhören! Aber hier, auf der Insel, hab ich sie nun wieder und seit Juni besuche ich nun einmal wöchentlich wieder Ballett-Stunden! Ich sag euch, das tut mal wieder gut, die Muskeln zu stretchen! Vielleicht nehme ich nach den Sommerferien noch mehr Classes dazu, Jazz oder Contemporary. Ohne Zwang, ganz locker – ich muss niemandem etwas beweisen! Ich werde euch berichten!

Um bei meinem Give-Away mitzumachen, musst du mir nur einen Kommentar hinterlassen (bis Freitag, 3. August 2012) und mir schreiben, welchen Sport der Olympischen Spiele du am meisten magst!
Zu gewinnen gibt es ein 6×6 Paper Pad von Prima mit 48 Seiten, ein Set mit Clear Stamps (auch von Prima) und zwei Pack von My Mind’s Eye ‘Miss Caroline’ Twine!

Nachdem du den Kommentar hinterlassen hast, darfst du gerne weiterhüpfen – der nächste BlogHopStop ist bei Valerie!
Und falls du dich völlig verirrt haben solltest, hier die komplette Liste der Teilnehmenden Designteam Mitglieder von The Studio:
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39 thoughts on “The Studio Challenge – An Olympic Blog Hop

  1. Guten morgen Daphne,
    ein sehr sehr schönes Layout!
    Mir gefällt vor allem der Mix aus den vielen PP´s!
    Als ich noch im Teenager alter war hab ich Leichtathletik gemacht
    und deshalb ist es auch die Sportart die ich mag.
    Wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Sonntag
    LG aus Norwegen

  2. I’m jealous that you have started ballet again. I should go and investigate my local classes. Love the LO and my favourite Olympic Sport is Gymnastics. I wanted to be there competing.

  3. My favourite event would have to be the majority of the gymnastic ones, such elegance, coordination & strength …. totally the opposite to my Bambi like self 🙂
    Beautiful page, liking the masking with the die cut shapes.

  4. Hi I love all your pages always great inspiration. I am excited about the olympics and wish I could watch the athletics or gymnastics in real life as they are my favourites.

  5. What a beautiful layout! You’ve got me thinking about ideas for entering the challenge now…and the notion that I need to be more active is a perfect starting point for the idea of a layout! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. This is gorgeous! Love that mask and misting and the beautiful stamps/embellishments! My favorite olympic sport is ice hockey, but for the summer games i like gymnastics.

  7. Lovely layout, great inspiration. I do love watching the gymnastics best, but now the Olympics is under way I expect I’ll watch all manner of sports. WendYx

  8. Du machst Ballett? Finde ich ja toll!
    Ein wundervolles Layout hast Du dazu gemacht.
    Ich war 10 Jahre aktive Schwimmerin. War auch einmal Jahrgangs-Stadtmeisterin von Duisburg.
    Das ist lange her…
    Deshalb gucke ich wohl gerne Schwimmen.

    GLG Ines
    P.s.: Würde Dich gerne mal beim Ballett sehen können.

  9. I had to go back to the top to check I had the right blog, its such a different layout for you! But I love it still of course. I’m another one who is jealous, I wish I could do ballet again and I get whimsical about wearing ballet shoes when I see my daughter putting hers on. I think this is why I like watching gymnastics, the girls floor work and rhythmic stuff.

  10. Love your LO Daphnie. I love to watch the gymnastics and the 3 day event. However, i have enjoyed watching different sports the last 2 days especially the ones which are not normally telivised v

  11. What a beautiful page! I really love all the rounded elements, and your photographs are stunning! My favorite sport to watch in the Olympics is swimming hands down ;). Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Daphne i love the layout. The photos are gorgeous and such a lovely subject for a layout…good luck with your dancing.

    I have lots of favourites in the olympics. swimming cycling and racing…….my favourite is probably the diving xx

  13. I love so many of your pages and look forward to them dropping into my inbox.

    My favourite Olympic sport is probably the gymnastics. The gymnasts are so strong and controlled, but make it all look effortless.

  14. Beautiful page, Daphne, I love the co-ordinated colour misting.

    I enjoy watching the track and field events but my favourite Olympic sport this year has got to be the tennis as we’re having the thrill of Wimbledon all over again!

  15. ohh what a great layout! i love jazz and ballet too ! wish i could go back to it – too many kids now and not the same figure)) LOL) then my fave sport is probably gymnastics – so much of dancing in it) all the pirouettes on the beam, or jumps and splits! so much energy!

  16. I like the Olympic Judo best. My 4 dc all learned Judo and I really appreciate the skill shown in the Olympics even if I still don’t totally understand the scoring system! Great LO.
    Mandy McK

  17. I love gymnastics but I love your layout more! I need to learn misting…I have been meaning to for a long time but your layout inspires me to get on it!

  18. I love the gymmastics in the Olympics!
    I hope you get some time to practice your ballet, it’s a beautiful dance

  19. Well as a former swimmer I love the swimming, but today I was glued to the synchronised diving and the men’s team gymnastics … I think that the gymnastics is probably my fave as it combines strength and grace … I’ll also be checking out the synchronised swimmers too!

    Super page – love the misting!

  20. Beautiful layout, and congrats on get back into dancing … my fav olympic sport has to be the Men’s Water Polo … LOL I was lucky enough to see the semi finals in Athens in 2004 …!!!

  21. Hi Daphne,
    dein LO ist – mal wieder – großartig! Du scrapst so einzigartig, dass ich jedes LO auf der Stelle liften könnte. Leider sind die Prioritäten zur Zeit anders verteilt…
    Aber nun zum Sport: ich schaue auch bei den Olympic Games zu. Allerdings nur Reitsport… Und, wer sagt es denn: mit Erfolg!!! Heute purzelten die Medallien bei den Vielseitigkeitsreitern. Da drücke ich den Spring- und Dressurreitern noch die Daumen und dann klappt das schon…

    LG, Silke

  22. I’ve always wished I’d done ballet – how fantastic that you’re taking it up again 😀
    Love the misting in this LO, btw.
    My favourite Olympics sport has got to be the gymnastics – love the grace & control 🙂

  23. Bellissimo LO complimenti!!!!
    Il mio sport preferito alle olimpiadi è la ginnastica ritmica. Grazie per questa bella opportunità ed incrociamo le dita.
    Grazie ancora ciao ciao

  24. Lovely page! I love the Olympics, as a Canadian living in Great Britain, i feel i can cheer for two teams! My favourite sport…well i just don’t know, I like gymnastics, swimming and diving and rowing best i think!

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