How I am organised

Organise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - my DeskOrganise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - my Punches

Hello my December Ladies! Today a total different post – but I wanted to share it with you because some of you were asking for it: How I organise my stash for my Journal!

To understand it better I’m sharing two pics (more to come!) of my craft room: My desk (where all my LOs are created) and the wall with my punches (have you heard? I LOVE punches). Understandably my desk NEVER looks this tidy – except for those photos! I am a creative person so most of the time it is simply a MESS (the desk and the whole room itself!).
Which isn’t a problem for me at all – and still I am very organised with my stash because I know where everything is and that’s the whole point, right?

For my Christmas Journal (this year and the past years) I’ll always go with selected supplies; this time I organise those in different sized boxes – have a look here:

First – the Number Tags and my Notebook for thoughts and capturing the everyday:
Organise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - Number Tags and Notebook

Second – the Alphabets and Sticker Sheets: All pulled out from my HUGE box of stickers and alphabets so I just have to go through those once and not through ALL of them. Most of the alphabets are used already so I hope to use up some of those this year.Organise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - Alphas and Stickers

Third – the PPs, bigger Sticker Sheets, Scraps: They are living in a Really Useful Box this year. There are all the papers in there I MIGHT need. And I don’t have a problem not to use them – no stress!Organise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - Paper and Embellishments

Fourth – my Embellishments: Definitely my favourite box of all! Here you can find Washis, Stickers, Ribbon, Tags, Diecuts, Stamps, Bling, Wood Veneer, Felt Cuts…. all the things I love to put into my Journal this December!Organise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - tiny Embellishments

Organise for JYC 2012 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - tiny Embellishments close-up

All these things are not THIS handy to take away with me, and if I need to do so, I would have to chose a selection of my supplies. And I can tell you – this is going to be very hard!


Over to you now – how do you organise your stash for your Christmas Journal!? Would love to hear  and maybe see some of your stash and how you organise it!


6 thoughts on “How I am organised

  1. oh wow Daphne i’m in awe of your craft room and all your Christmas Journal Supplies. Those tags are your book are just gorgeous.Your journal will be stunning x

  2. Wow you are so organized I want your embellishment box. I just bought a ton of Christmas washi tape because it was buy one get one at michaels a few weeks ago!

  3. Hi! Just came across your blog and I just want to say that I totally LOVE your style -everything you create is super fabulous! I will be following you from now on. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Jenny in Ireland. 🙂

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