JYC 2012 – 2nd December 2012 – The Holidays are here

JYC 2012 - 2nd Dec - Holidays are here - Daphne - dapfniedesign

Happy Sunday everyone! It is the 2nd of December, the First Advent Sunday of this Season! How are you going to celebrate?! As Tobias is just a few more days here before he’s off to Africa again we were quite busy!

We visited a Christmas Market at Clayesmore, a boarding school in our village; Tobias helped me with decorating (and eating) the first Christmas biscuits; we put up some of our Christmas decorations (just a bit, there’s going to be more!).

JYC 2012 - 2nd Dec - Biscuits - Daphne - dapfniedesign

I also thought about how it was in my childhood – how we did “welcome” the Christmas time in Germany. Unfortunately I can’t remember much, but one thing came into my mind (and I found a little piece of paper as evidence): as a child I was very un-organised giving presents to my parents; I mostly ended up at Christmas Eve with nothing in my hands and then I tried to get creative! In 1984 I scribbled a coupon for my parents promising to prepare breakfast every Sunday (it is hidden in the little envelope) … I think I never did it at all 😉

JYC 2012 - 2nd Dec - Remember 1984 - Daphne - dapfniedesign


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