JYC 2012 – 21th December 2012 – Right Now…


JYC 2012 - 21th Dec - Right Now  - Daphne - dapfniedesign


… the world is still there and hasn’t ended yet. Phew! I still got lots to do before flying home!

I captured our table in the living room with the cards (we got lots already!) and with the unwrapped presents (I will wrap them when I’m home; there is no point wrapping them and getting squished in the suitcase).

In other news: There won’t be a white Christmas here in the UK nor in Germany 😦 bad luck. Never mind! I will spend lots of time with my parents and my brother’s family (can’t wait to see the girls) and with my ‘old’ girlfriends!

And before shutting down the computer for today – I got another pic for you: Lisa!

lisa in Dec 2


2 thoughts on “JYC 2012 – 21th December 2012 – Right Now…

  1. Daphne *gasp*… wie wunderschööööön!!!
    Und Deine Lisa ist auch ein echter Hingucker 🙂
    Ich wünsch’ Dir einen guten, ruhigen Flug nach good old Germany und natürlich wundervolle, besinnliche und auch fröhliche Festtage!
    GLG Sylvia

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