Everything is possible

Everything is possible title close-up - Daphne - dapfniedesign - SBW So ist das Leben

In the UK – everything is possible! Last week it was all snow, this week it is all RAIN!

I was taking the bus to town today and I left with a bit of drizzle from the sky. When I drove home, the wind was enormous and the sky opened up on me! With me waiting at the bus stop were two ladies. The first one told us, that she had spent her day in Dorchester with her girl friends. Normally they would go out and about, she told us later, but this time they had to meet up at one of their friend’s home for lunch and tea because of the weather. As the bus stop we were waiting at didn’t have a bus shelter any more (it was damaged a couple of weeks ago and then removed completely instead of rebuilt), we stood in a alleyway in oder to get not totally soaked. The second lady told us that she had her morning walk with her dog under a clear, blue sky and that the air was quite mild. Yes, it really was nice this morning, but only until about 10am, then the clouds came in and the rain started. As a shopping trip for groceries don’t need to be done while the sun is shining, she did it in the afternoon – what a good idea that was! And so there we stood in that alleyway, freezing in the chilly air, getting the odd raindrop in our faces and cheering us up with stories of our lifes!

After about 10 minutes our bus came round the corner. As we stepped out onto the pavement, several more people came from alleyways and doorsteps and other sheltered places and we finally could enter the heated vehicle. Luckily I was wearing a warm coat (the one I bought especially for my hiking trips) and my waterproof walking boots so at least my upper body and my feet were warm and dry!

And last week? It looked more like this:

Everything is possible - Daphne - dapfniedesign - SBW So ist das Leben

Scrapbook Werkstatt – So ist das Leben – Leben No. 2
Scrapbook Werkstatt – So ist das Leben – Leben No. 4
Scrapbook Werkstatt – So ist das Leben – Leben No. 6
Washi Tape – Silver Star

Everything is possible close-up 2 - Daphne - dapfniedesign - SBW So ist das Leben

Alle Papier stammen aus der neuen Papierserie der Scrapbook Werkstatt “So ist das Leben”, designt von meiner DT-Kollegin Birgit! Wunderschöne Papiere und so hervorragend für meine Schnee-Fotos geeignet!


5 thoughts on “Everything is possible

  1. Hier ist der Schnee über Nacht zu einer Eisbahn verschmolzen und über Tag waren es dann 4°C. Morgen sollen es 9°C werden und am Mittwoch 16°C. Ist das zu fassen?
    Danach kommt der Winter zurück, wie auf Deinem Layout :-).
    Ich wünsche mir Früüüüüüüüüüüüüüühling!!!!

    GLG Ines

    • Thanks Sandra! I normally order a pile of photos once a month and the last bunch got the Christmassy ones and the snowy ones in it! Btw, I tried to write you an email but it came back – can you contact me please? My email address is on my blog! xxx

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